Killer Dome

Created by the Empire, Killer Dome is one of three Crab type Zoids. Killer Dome was specifically designed to guard costal regions. Just like the crustacean it was created after, Killer Dome has thick armor and is well armed for a Zoid of it's size. Killer Dome was utilized by the elite Eisen Dragoon unit's to fend off the Republic attempt to penetrate Nyx. The Killer Dome is amphibious and operates in both environments very well making the unit a well rounded Zoid. Killer Dome is able to burrow into sandy soil to conceal itself for surprise ambushes or to hide when retreating.

Adding to the lure of the unit is an impressive array of weaponry. Killer Dome sports a total of eight pulse laser cannons on top of the dome that are able to fire in any direction, giving the unit the benefit of having 360 degree firing range. It's massive claws are also very formidable and able to tear into thick armor with ease. Inside each claw is a four barrel beam cannon. Perhaps the most interesting feature is Killer Dome's ability to combine with Dark Spiner to form the Fuzor's version dubbed "Killer Spiner". When in this combined mode, Killer Dome becomes a more than formidable machine that strikes fear into the heart of any approaching Zoid.

Killer Dome is a small sized Zoid, and a good choice for any beginner or the advanced collector. The build is of medium length and the finished product is a small slice of engineering heaven. When complete, Killer Dome rolls across any flat surface while both claws open to reveal the gattling cannons as the top spins. Killer dome is easy to find and the actual domes have been used in many Zoids custom projects. An excellent, low cost piece that will serve as a nice addition to any seasoned collection, or a great starter piece to introduce anyone into the hobby.

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