Lock Jaw
American Pit Bull Terrier Type
Guylos Empire


Locak Jaw had no formal releases, and is a custom Zoid.


 Lock Jaw was designed for close combat situations as Guylos lacked a close combat, small frame Zoid. Created to be used along with Molga and Gator, Lock Jaw was used in large numbers to overwhelm larger Republic Zoids with its armor tearing laser teeth. Along with the multi directional small bore beam cannon collar, Lock Jaw was used to patrol the coastal areas of Nyx. It was also deployed in large troops as a front line assault Zoid. Lock Jaw is heavily armored and well equipped with fire power, and it's compromise is speed. Lock Jaw is a slow moving unit designed more for ambush and defensive operations, and was not typically used to engage in long term pursuits. 


Crew: 1

Weight: 21.0 Tons

Depth: 39.87 Feet

Height: 19.25 Feet

Max Speed: 80 mph

Weapons: 1 x 7 barrel small bore beam cannon collar, Laser cutting teeth, 1 x Tail mounted pulse beam gun

Equipment: Alloy feet, Motion detector, Infrared sensors

Build Summary:

This was my first attempt at a custom Zoid, that was built years ago. There were a lot of things that I did not know back then that are reflected in this build, for example the suppressed glowing ability, and the color combinations. Looking back, I probably would not have used as much grey as I did. This build was inspired by my love of the Dark Zoids (even back then), and the fact that I have always owned American Pit Bull Terriers as pets. The build took a few days, and you can view some of the process of creating the piece here.



When completed Heldigunner / Demon Lizard measures approx:  4.00" tall x 2.25" wide x 6.00" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Lock Jaw does not show well under black light. As my first custom it was a learning experience, and I still enjoy looking at it today.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2007 -WIKD