This is my first custom project inspired by none other than my dog. The project took about 15 hours to complete and included a large amount of fabrication. I started, ironically, with the base of an "Atak Kat".

I modified the main body by cutting off several pieces, and sanded the tail down to give it a more "terrier" type look.

Next I fabricated the ears by cutting down some extra parts and drilling holes into the head to mount the ears.

I fitted a collar with guns, which I thought would give a nice "bulldog" look, and give it the function of almost 360 range.

I enjoy the look of hoses, so I affixed additional hoses to each of the four legs.

I them began masking and painting. I mixed up a custom green, and used a gloss black and a primer grey

The final product: 


Lockjaw and it's inspiration one of my dogs.