Heldigunner / Demon Lizard 
Iguana (Spanish for species Iwana) Type
Guylos Empire


First released in 1989 Heldigunner as part of the Guylos OJR line Heldigunner featured both glowing pieces and stickers. This was followed by the Techno Zoids release named "Demon Lizard". The Demon Lizard was identical to the OJR release, but in this version the pieces and stickers lacked the ability to freely glow in the dark and the features only become prominent with the aid of UV light as pictured below. The Techno Zoids Demon Lizard is easier to find, and being almost like a re-release, it gives collectors a fair chance to find this wonderful piece. Next came the Zoids 2 release that maintained the Demon Lizard name. This version was finished in silver chrome and was not in Guylos colors. This was followed by the NJR release which was finished in mostly black, also lacking any green parts. The latest release was the NAR and NER releases that are identical to the NJR with the only difference being the packaging presentation. Featured in this review is the Techno Zoids's Demon Lizard.


 Heldigunner has the ability to operate on both land and water. Fighting alongside the trusty Dead Border, it was used as "surprise attack" on the Republic's forces before they could even be deployed in an operable environment.  The Heldigunner unit's were Guylos's first line of attack due to their smaller size which meant a greater number of units could be operated in the smaller coastal environment which they protected. Heldigunner's amphibious nature was an advantage over many standard Zoid units. Increasing it's ambush potential was the ability to burrow and lay in wait.  Alas, the ability to make the Dark version of this Zoid was lost, but the standard frame survived to be re incarnated into the Empire's arsenal many, many moons later.


Crew: 2 (The unit can also be operated by a single pilot)

Weight: 48 Tons

Depth: 80.38 Feet

Height: 19.02 Feet

Max Speed: 80 mph

Weapons: 4 x Strike Claw, 1 x Condensing Long Range Assault Beam Cannon,  2 x ARZ 20 mm Double-Barreled Beam Cannon , 1 x 72 mm AA Cannon Turret Emplacement

Equipment: Heldigunner has no significant special equipment. 

Build Summary:

Heldigunner / Demon Lizard is an interesting build. Being a medium sized wind up, it's construction is a change of pace from the normal medium wind ups. The mold for this unit has remained unchanged, and the classic design is one that is still marveled at, even today amongst collectors. The build is short, and flows very well. The completed piece, when wound, walks forward with its jaws chomping. The cannon also hooks into the motor which results in it's moment (raising and lowering) as well. The tail can be very fragile and the final two segments are swivel mounted allowing for extra positioning. The hoses are the final pieces to be affixed to the unit, and truly accentuate the Dark Zoid quality. A great build made even better by the Dark Zoid color scheme.


When completed Heldigunner / Demon Lizard measures approx:  3" tall x 4" wide x 14" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Although not as stunning as Dead Border, Demon Lizard does hold it's own under U.V. lighting. The piece illuminates far better than Dark Horn, and is a very enjoyable study.


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