Dead Border DPZ-09
Tarbosaurus "Terrifying Lizard" Type
Guylos Empire


First released in 1989, are  three known official releases of Dead Border: The OJR, Pre-NJR or "Pre Release", and TDP. The unofficial release of Dead Border is known as the "Battle Rex" and was planned to be released as part of Hasbro's NAR Zoids release in 2004. It is the "Battle Rex" that I still seek to this day as my  "Holy Grail". Please take some time to view the in depth review of the three known Dead Border releases here.


 Dead Border is one of my all time favorite Zoids. Armed with dual gravity cannons, a variable cornucopia of smaller mm cannons, missiles and a flame thrower Dead Border is a walking tank. A Japanese writing describes Dead Border as being able to "tear though super heavy armor with ease", the same article goes on to describe Dead Border being able to literally "sling" an UltraSaurus

Out of all the Dark Zoids, Dead Border steals the spotlight. It was a Dead Border that was responsible for a couple of large pivotal points in Zoid's history. Dead Borders were used as the primary attack units when Gulylos Empire attacked the Central Continent facing both the Zenebas Empire and Helic Republic troops. Emperor Zenebas was killed by a Dead Border when he attempted to flee back to Nyx. Dead Border was also involved in capturing Emperor Zenebas's daughter who was used as a pawn to force the infamous Zoids Pilot Strmer to serve the Guylos Empire and eventually pilot Gilvader


Crew: 1

Weight: 92 Tons

Depth: 64.30 Feet

Height: 41.99 Feet

Max Speed: 87 mph

Weapons: Gravity Cannon x 2, 150mm Cannon Gun x 2, High-pressure Nitric Acid Exhaust Nozzle, Hot-wire Gun x 3, Flamethrower, 2-Barrel Beam Gun, Missile Pod

Equipment: Radar Shield

Build Summary:

Building the unit is fun and unique, it's a longer build in which construction centers around the motor. Appearance wise Dead Border is awesomely unique. Being the only bipedal Dark Zoid, adorned with hoses, and actually glowing in the dark are a few of my personal favorite characteristics. When powered on Dead Border walks forward at a true to life pace, his jaws chomp, and his arms raise up and down. The two large cannons are not incorporated into the motor, but can be manually adjusted. Viewing Dead Border operating in complete darkness is truly a sight to behold. 


When completed, Dead Border measures approx: 7.25" tall x 4" wide x 9.5" long.






UV Pictures:

The addition of UV light really brings out how these Zoids were meant to be viewed. Below are some pictures taken under a black light that really accentuates the glowing ability of Dead Border.


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