Released at Winter Wonderfest in 2008, the OJR release of this piece was originally named "War Dick". We also saw this released in the Hasbro line (NAR) as "War Shark", in this release it reverts back to it's original "War Dick" title. According to the Original Battle Story War Dick was produced on Nyx and used as the lead underwater assault unit. War Dick quickly out performed the Republic's main aquatic Zoid Barigator

War Dick was built for underwater use, but not unlike a mud skipper it could walk on dry land and burrow into sandy shores. The War Dick were used to attack Republic supply lines with much success, and there are even stories of the War Dick overcoming the almighty Ultrasaurus with completely submerged attacks. War Dick fleets would be used alongside Hel Digunner as the main naval units of Guylos, and together could mount tremendous attack operations.

Recently I have heard that these Dark Zoid releases are limited to 720 pieces. This is the Guylos version of War Dick. An fitting choice for the latest in the series of Dark Zoids I am currently reveling in. With the next release being the even more awesome (Hell Runner), let's take a look at building this Dark Shark.

Dark War Dick Consists of:

5 Sprues

1 Eye piece

1 styrofoam cube (center floatation device)

2 styrofoam length (tank floatation devices)

6 Caps

1 Guylos Dark Chrome Pilot

1 Motor (Wind Up)

1 Instruction Sheet

1 Sticker Sheet

The first step is to sandwich  the motor between two main body halves.

Next, the first under mounted gun is placed followed by a back plate.

Below we see the first Styrofoam piece ready to be placed.

The styrofoam brick is then placed in the body cavity after both face guards. Each face guard houses a set of upper teeth and the bottom jaw plate fits between these two pieces. The eye piece is placed inside the canopy , and the unit begins to take shape.

Next each fin is placed on a strut for a total of four complete units.

The struts are attached to the body and the side axle is held in place with a side plate. The same process is then repeated on the other side.


Next the tail is built. This is always a cool step as it reminds me of a fish skeleton. After the tail unit is complete, side plates are then attached to finish the unit.

The tail is attached and held in place by a top plate. Two more side guard plates and two top fins are inserted.

Each tank is then built. A piece of styrofoam is sandwiched inside.

The tanks are mounted and the top radar piece is placed.

The unit is then ready for stickers.

The stickering process goes well until one must adlib a couple spots. I compared mine to my normal release

and did not find the exact same stickers, yet the are very damn close. I ended up with some extra Guylos stickers.

Under the Black Light

The green plastic on this piece is intense, almost glowing even when the lights are on. A fitting choice to the Dark Zoid line up, although I can think of a few better designs I would personally like to have including Death Saurer and Iron Kong. The price on this release is staying steady. This piece is very well finished and the parts fit together wickedly well. A great addition to any Dark Zoid collection, and a nice release to retro-focus on the technology of the time that made the line so unique. There's just something about using styrofoam as a flotation device that gets me every time. As for me if they keep cranking the Guylos Dark Zoids out, I'll keep buying them. There's a slim chance you may find one here in the US, yet it's worth a try.

-Pardon the gratuitous UV Zoid picture-

While shooting under UV conditions Gravity Saurer just begged to have its picture taken. I didn't want to leave this out so here he is making a special appearance. 

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