Dark Dimetrodon



Dimetrodon (also referred to as "SpineFin") was created by the Zenebas Empire, and is a Dimetrodon type Zoid. Dimetrodon was developed to act as a mobile communication base. Dimetrodon has the ability to both intercept, scan, and jam communication waves. Additionally Dimetrodon is equipped with a variety of weapons similar to Red Horn. Dimetrodon was pivotal during the Zenebas strike on the Republic as it was responsible for jamming communications and confusing the Republic so much so that it forced a retreat. Based of the simple design of Gatordus, Dimetrodon has a menacing array of weaponry and thick armor which makes it a formidable mobile communication base coupled the attack capability of a heavy armor tank.

The model kit is one of the larger Zoids, and the build is of medium length. Construction of the spine is always a pleasure, and the build is pretty mundane.   Dimetrodon displays well, and is an accurate depiction of the dinosaur on which it was based upon. With releases dating back to the OJR line, Dimetrodon has become a classic Zoid that makes an excellent addition to any Zoids collection. The OJR release is known as Spinefin and sports a very similar red color to the NJR release. After the OJR release, Spine Fin made it's next appearance in the OER line retaining the Spinefin name. It then went on to be seen in the Zoids 2 line where it sported a silver chrome color scheme. It's next release was to be part of the Hasbro line in which Dimetrodon would get a color make over turning the unit a semi-dark purple with black spines. This mythical Hasbro Purple Dimetrodon never saw the light of day, however an action in a similar color scheme was released and is the cause of much confusion to newer Zoiders. Dimetrodon was also given a very appropriate Dark Zoid treatment in the summer of 2009. Released in limited numbers and finished in the infamous Guylos black and green color scheme, this is my personal favorite version of the old stand by known as Dimetrodon.

Dark Dimetrodon Vs. Prototype Dimetrodon

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