Snipe Master is a Velociraptor Type Zoid, and one of my own personal favorites. A rarity for a smaller wind up to have a dual cockpit design as it does, Snipe Master is an evolution of Gun Sniper and sometimes dubbed "Gun Sniper MKII". This is the bone white edition released in 2005 at the Dinosaur Expo in Tokyo, Japan.  Designated as DLZ-004 this set comes with no sticker set. Lets take a closer look at this piece.

Snipe Master (2005 Dino Expo Museum Edition) consists of:

5 Sprues

1 Motor (small "keyed" wind up)

8 Caps

1 Canopy

2 Pilots

The build begins with constructing the powerful tail snipe cannon, equipped with stand.


The build then moves onto contracting the motor harness.

The motor harness is then enclosed within the body halves.


The head cockpit is then assembled.

We then move to the arms.

The feet then begin to take shape.

Both arms and feet are then attached to the main body.

The second cockpit is then built.

The second cockpit is then placed on the back of the unit and Gun Sniper is complete.

Snipe Master is an awesome finished piece, and no decent collection should be without at least one version.

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