This version of Raynos was released at the 2005 Tokyo Dinosaur Expo. Available on a limited basis this is a bone white version of the classic  A standard Republic flying Zoid this release was dubbed DLZ-003. The back of the box features a skeletal graphic of the Pteranodan, and this kit does not come with stickers. Let's take a close look at the construction process.

Raynos (Dino Expo 2005 edition) consists of: 

5 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Canopy

8 Caps

1 Motor (wind up)

The build begins with building around the motor to produce the main body unit, complete with two rods that allow for movement.

Next the front cannon is fitted, lower jaw, and top pieces.


The head is then finished.


The pair of feet are next. Each foot consists of three pieces and one cap.

The legs are then attached to the body with a small connecting rod on each side and a cap.


The hands are then fitted to the forewings.

The forewing are then secured via the back support piece.

Next the wing tips are attached. The tail is also formed.


Last, the dual tail cannons and top dish are fitted.

The unit is now complete and ready for display. Although lacking stickers, Raynos is a great piece that belongs in any collection. Many consider this unit a Republic Staple, and the classic wind up action is not to be missed. This is a great version to pick up if you have the chance, and it's somewhat stark appearance lends to it's mystique.

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