Geno Saurer

Museum Edition

After the destruction of the third moon of Zi that resulted in a meteor strike in ZAC 2056, the Guylos Empire would find the ruins of an advanced civilization on Mount Olympus on the Western Continent. Amongst the ruins were the remains of a Tyrannosaurs type Zoid once known as the Death Saurer. Guylos Empire Scientists studied the remains which lead to the discovery of the Organoid system. Eventually the team of Guylos Scientists would attempt to reverse engineer the remnants of the highly advanced technology. This project eventually lead to the incarnation of a hybrid Zoid incorporating the Organoid technology and the Death Saurer structure. The result of this combination was a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid known as  the "Geno Saurer".

Although smaller in size, the newly developed Geno Saurer (or Genosaurer) would feature many of the Death Saurer's advantages including a derivative of it's infamous weapon of mass destruction known as the Charged Particle Cannon. The Charged Particle Cannon would be smaller and less powerful than the original, yet still remain a very potent force to wield. The drawbacks to having such a powerful cannon would be twofold; 1: The Geno Saurer  had to remain anchored in the same place for an extended amount of time to actually fire a shot. 2.  The amount of heat generated by firing the cannon would only allow a maximum of a single shot to be fired every few minutes. The tail of the Geno Saurer acts as a giant heat dispersion unit with multiple vents allowing maximum intake of air for inter-cooling specifically to cool the unit after discharging a blast from the Cannon. 

Along with the Charged Particle Cannon, Geno Saurer featured Hyper Strike Claws not unlike that of Liger Zero's.  Rounding it out is one short range laser gun as well as one long range laser rifle. As for equipment the Geno Saurer has a pair of anchors similar to Berserk Fury that anchor the unit into the ground in order to provide stabilization  when firing the Charged Particle Cannon. It would also gain a large advantage by the incorporation of the Organoid system which would maximize it's intelligence allowing the unit to operate without a pilot, while at the same time increasing it's abilities especially making the Geno Saurer fast and agile for it's size and heavy armor. In the Zoids Anime as well as video games, the Geno Saurer is depicted as having another ability that is not featured on the model kit. In true Chogokin style the Geno Saurer is able to fire it's electrified hands on long and retractable cables. This would allow the Geno Saurer to "reach out and touch" opponents effectively pulling them into the line of fire, or using the electricity generated to wreak havoc upon the enemies computer systems. The Geno Sauerer was entered into mass production by the Empire would prove to be one of the most formidable Zoids of it's time. 

The Geno Saurer remained a supreme Zoid until it met it's match with the introduction of the Blade Liger, and in response to this the Empire created the Geno Saurer's successor dubbed the Geno Breaker. The Geno Saurer made appearances throughout several Zoids Anime, usually appearing as the story's main antagonist. The Geno Saurer was first featured in Chaotic Century, as a unique Zoid as it was created by "cloning" the core of a Death Saurer. The Geno Saurer was used by Raven, (the main antagonist)  to torment Van (the main protagonist) and his team throughout the Anime Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. This Geno Saurer was black and purple and given to Raven by Prozen to carry out a variety of evil oriented tasks. Geno Saurer, piloted by Raven, destroyed Van's Shield Liger and almost killed the hero's organoid "Zeke". 

The final battle between Van's evolved Blade Liger and the Geno Saurer proved to be the end of the Geno Saurer when it tried to fire it's Charged Particle Cannon at point blank range which was deflected by the Liger's Laser Balde, the Liger then proceeded to cut through the Geno Saurer. Raven lived on to acquire a second Red Geno Saurer in Guardian Force which evolved into a Geno Breaker. Three more Geno Saurers would make an appearance, but were all defeated by Raven. Moving onto the New Century Zero Anime series, three Geno Saurers appeared as part of the Backdraft group only to be wiped out by the Berserk Fury. There were several appearances of the Geno Saurer in the Fuzors Anime and one was piloted by Rotten Roger, again in the purple and black color scheme.

Geno Saurer was first releases as part of the NJR line in 2000. The kit is a longer build, although not as intricate as the Berserk Fury, the final result is just as satisfying. The Geno Saurer is a staple in the Zoids universe and should be the same in any collection for around $40.00-$50.00US. The kit comes with two figures of Raven, replacing the normal seated grey pilot figure. When power on the unit stomps forward, moving it's arms, chomping it's jaws, and swinging it's tail. The eyes of the Geno Saurer blink with an eerie red glow as the unit makes its way forward. It's unique to note that the cockpit of the Geno Saurer is located in the chest instead of the head which makes the build a bit more intriguing than your average Zoid. Colored in black and purple, Geno Saurer also saw a 2003 Hasbro release along with an NER release. The Hasbro and NER version are harder to find, the contents and colors are the same and the only difference is the outer packaging. Toys Dream Project released the "SCV" or Special Color Version of Geno Saurer in 2004. Although harder to find, this version is usually not very sought after as there is not much of a change, and the only change is the black pieces being replaced by charcoal gray pieces. Overall the unit is rather bland. Current rate for this kit is approx. $70.00-$100.00US.

In 2005 Geno Saurer was released as a Museum Exclusive kit which is reviewed here. This version was colored in bone white, and did not come with a pilot nor sticker sheet, however it did come with a small certificate that could be displayed along with the piece. Either these kits were over produced, or they did not sell well as they can still be found with minor amount effort today. This kit will set you back $30.00-$50.00US depending on what type of deal you get. They can often be purchased at the lower rate if the entire set is purchased at one time. The latest Geno Saurer release can be found accompanying the X box 360 game: Zoids Infinity EX Neo. This is a blox version of Geno Saurer and came with enough pieces to create two different versions. A prototype Geno Saurer is reported to exist in a Death Saurer color scheme, not much information is known about this unit.

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