Armored Gator

Originally created to replace Aquadon and Furolesios by the Republic, Barigator is a crocodilian type Zoid. It moves best on flat ground, or in the water due to its low center of gravity, this Zoid can easily become "high centered", and the pilot must be conscious of the oncoming terrain. Just like the reptile this Zoid is modeled after, Barigator is known to wait, submerged near the shore just under the waters surface and successfully ambush oncoming and unsuspecting enemies. Barigator is equipped with a powerful set of jaws that allow it to literally chomp a small / small-medium sized Zoid in half. In addition to the "Bite Jaws" the tail of any Barigator is a powerful weapon able to effectively smash into an enemy causing considerable damage. To round out the arsenal, Barigator is equipped with a 4 shot surface to air missile launcher mounted strategically on its lower back, and two 20mm beam guns for lighter duty. 

Barigator was used as the Republic's main aquatic Zoid for many years and was successfully used to launch amphibious assaults while the Republic marched on the Empire's capital, and was later employed to escort Republic forces when they landed on Nyx, where the Zoid would meet it's match known as HelDigunner. Barigator was first seen in 1985 and was part of the OJR line. The unit would see several other releases including: the OER version known as "Krok", the Robostrux version known as "Chompz". Probably the most remembered version was the Techno Zoid release known as "Armored Gator" this version sported a fluorescent orange and light tan color scheme. Harder to find, many collectors either love or hate this piece as it tends to stick out in ones mind as Armored Gator was a brightly colored addition to many a childhood toy box. 

We would again see Barigator released as part of the NJR and Hasbro lines. Barigator would make it's latest appearance as part of the Rebirth Century Zoids and instead of being powered by a small wind up engine it would feature a small electronic motor. The edition of Barigator is known as the "HRZ-008 TS". Construction of Barigator is short yet fulfilling, and the build has a rather "classic" feel making it a must add addition to any collection. When wound the Barigator stomps forward in true reptilian fashion with it's jaws chomping, tail swinging and cannons moving. This unit can be found with ease today. When browsing for Barigator online note that most sellers misspell the name effectively making the unit cheap when successfully located.

Along with the other Technozoids, Kenner gave us this fluorescent piece of eye blinding goodness. The gator Zoid design has always been a favorite, the reptilian nature of the piece is conveyed very well in Zoid form. For some reason this piece seems to be one of the harder to locate pieces of the Technozoid line. The gold accents mix surprisingly well with the orange and the overall color scheme is "unforgettable" to say the least. The back of the box features the complete unit along with a list of features.

Armored Gator is a very vibrant, unique addition to any collection. I consider this piece a colorful oddity, and it makes for a very contrasting display piece when placed next to Barigator.



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