Sword Wolf

The Sword Wolf is a Wolf type Zoid appearing in the Genesis time line. The Sword Wolf uses the same mold as the legendary three tigers does, but is not connected to them and rather exists within the Genesis portion of the Zoids Anime giving it a very limited and mystic history. Whether this is a case of "Hey! We need a Wolf to round out the Genesis realm." or not is open to speculation.

The Sword Wolf is equipped with strike claws, bite fangs, electron hyper cannons, and the infamous dual blades. Adorning the back of the Sword Wolf, these blades are known as "Hack Blades" and are produced from a very rare form of metal found on Planet Zi known as "Metal Zi". These blades are large, functional units that span a good part of the length of the Zoid resulting in a minor loss of both speed and agility. The Sword Wolf also mounts a 3 nozzle Ion Booster which gives the unit massive acceleration while allowing the unit to jump long distances almost making the Zoid capable of "short flight". Sword Wolf is not heavily armored, instead relying on it's speed to evade most attacks.

Sword Wolf makes it's appearance in the Genesis Zoids Anime, and is piloted by the leader of the Digald Suppress Army that goes by the name of "Ra Kan". The origin of the Sword Wolf is said to "pre-date" technology and does not have any connection to the three tigers. In the Anime the Sword Wolf uses the Hack blades to penetrate the otherwise impenetrable "Hell Armor" of the Bio Zoids.

Sword Wolf was released in early 2005 and was the seventh Zoid created from the Genesis line. Colored in red, black, and grey, the Sword Wolf has a specific upgrade unit known as the "Bio Crusher". The Bio Crusher consists of a single blade along with a shield that took the place of either one of the normal Hack Blades. The Genesis Sword Wolf was the first, and last release and we did not see the planned limited version that would have been re-colored as well as come fully equipped with both the Bio Crusher and Ra Kan pilot figure.

 The build is of medium length and is satisfying when complete. The use of single piece legs shorten the length of time needed to construct the unit, but decrease the possibility of parts shedding. The Swords can be positioned in a variety of different positions making for numerous display possibilities. Sword Wolf can be found with minimal effort and at a reasonable price. Usually around $15.00-$25.00 US the Sword Wolf makes and excellent standard Wolf type for the Genesis time line, and displays well with it's shared mold counterparts.

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