Since childhood the Pteranodan has always been a favorite amongst dinosaurs. Built to replace the Pteras by the Republic, Storm Sworder is an aerial unit with focus on melee weapons. Storm Sworder sports a pair of Dual Barreled Pulse Laser Guns for mid range attack, but the unit is known for it's triple energy blades which are capable of penetrating most Zoid armor. Each wing as well as the crest of the unit's head feature one large energy blade. The crest mounted is the smallest blade at approx. 2" exposed length, with each of the wing blades being larger at approx. 4" exposed length.

NJR Box front

Storm Sworder was part of the original NJR line up in 2004, and is one of the more rare Zoids that features it's own design (frame) that is not shared with any other piece which may be due to Storm Sworder being one of the first Zoids developed to incorporate the Organoid System. The orally located cockpit and center based turbine engine are a couple of other unique features of this Pteranodan. The most distinct feature, however, is the use of the battery back pack. Storm Sworder was also released as an NER, with no changes save for the packaging.

NER Box front

The original or NJR Storm Sworder is finished in dull gray with black accents. Luckily we were treated with a limited release by TDP. Known as Storm Sworder Jet (not to be confused with the Guardian Force Anime Storm Sworder Steath "SSS" or the Chaotic Century Magna Storm Sworder Stealth Special "SSSS", both of which we did NOT see model kits of.), this version was finished in a highly majestic black and purple color scheme. No changes were made to the actual mold, and the set featured the same sticker sheet, which poses a problem as the designs do not stand out against the black background.

Stormer Sworder Jet TDP Box Front

Storm Sworder Jet is able to obtain a higher maximum speed at Mach 3.4 than it's NJR and NER counterparts at Mach 3.2. To give you a better idea of how fast this aerial unit really is: Mach 3.4 is approx. 2,588.103 miles per hour. Alas, this conversion is just a rough estimate as when converting to Mach things like altitude and temperature come into play but I think it conveys the idea a little bit better.

Stormer Sworder Jet TDP Box Back

Regretfully, I did not do a build review for the original Storm Sworder article, so I am going to take this opportunity to cover this unique build as it's the same for all versions. Storm Sworder is an excellent kit, I really think it has been greatly overlooked. With flapping wings, bird like walking motion, and a pilot descending from it's oral cockpit (is that a bad word?), it truly is an original kit. It looks awesome when displayed hanging, and one can't help but envisioning this unit flying through the sky with grace while conjuring thoughts of fear and beauty. Let's take a look at the actual kit.

The kit is rather smaller consisting of:

5 Frames

1 Motor (with plug)

1 Battery Back Pack

2 Eye pieces

1 Pilot

18 Caps

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Booklet

The first step in construction is assembling the neck portion which consists of the lower jaw, two neck pieces, and two hose pieces.


Next, the head is formed utilizing two head halves, both eye pieces, box like cock pit, and crest blade.

A closer look half way assembled.


The completed head is then fitted to the engine, and both main both halves are placed along with cover plates.



Next, the two tail halves are assembled and mounted on the main frame. The turbine over, back cover plate, and small disc cover are then placed.

Two side covers are then placed.

A center positioned plate then secures the unit.

The legs are then assembled. Each leg consists of a main leg support, a foot, a peg and cap that secures the foot to the leg, two caps, and aesthetic hose cover.

Each  leg is then attached to the unit via two caps.

Next the wings are assembled. Each wing has two main sections and one blade. 

At this point you also have the choice of using hands or fitting the Dual Barrel Pulse Laser Guns, which by the way is AWESOME!

Each wing has one support beam that is placed on the underside of the wing and connects to the main frame.

The wings are then fitted to the main frame via a rod and peg system that secures via caps at both ends.

The battery back pack is mounted and the unit is ready for stickers.

Although it's somewhat short building process, it's well worth it. Storm Sworder is up on my list of favorite Zoids. The addition of red colored lenses on the TDP edition makes Storm Sworder more sinister and menacing. I am partial to black and purple color schemes, and the colors seem to fit this unit perfectly. Storm Sworder is worth adding to any collection, and the limited version makes a nice variation and/or excuse to have more than one.

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