I really enjoyed doing the "Three Dog Night" review, so I decided to do something similar with Storch. I have been hanging onto my NJR Storch kit for awhile now, and I got the opportunity to order the OJR version. Both kits in hand made for a great night of building and review making. Enjoy!

First, lets take a peak at the boxes:

As with just about everything else I prefer the vintage box. Just the entire flavor and use of color appeals a lot more to me visually. Now, lets look at the contents of each box.

Storch consists of:

1 Motor (Wind up)

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Sheet

6 Caps

8 Sprues

1 Pilot

The predominant differences are the sticker sheets and the colors. The OJR is one of a few Zoids including Gungy and Sea Panther that include wicked human skull stickers.

The construction begins with assembling the motor:

Pictured below: Both units complete.

Then we move on to the feet.


Next the tail and one body have is placed on the motor and held in place via 1 cap.

Below complete.

The same process is then completed on the opposite side.

Both birds can now stand.

Next the side gun, as well as wing moving flap are placed.

Below Complete.

The wings are up next.

This is a simple step consisting of snapping one piece into the other.

Below complete.

The next step consists of attaching the mini bird and his mount onto the main unit. I think this is one of the collest features of Storch.

The cockpit is next. The cockpit consists of two pieces, the pilot, and lens.

The finished heads are then placed and the units are complete.

Next the stickers are placed.

Storch is now finished and ready for display.

Storch is a great addition to the collection. As I said before the mini-bird mounted on the back gives it that little something extra. As with almost everything else I prefer the OJR version. The color is hard to photograph but the red-orange just compliments the bird very awesomely. The unit is somewhat under gunned with only the two under mounted guns. The movement is very "bird like" when wound, with the unit moving forward and wings flapping. As always the silver pilot on the OJR version is just the icing on the cake. Grab one of the OJR versions, you wont regret it!

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