Created by the Republic,  Spinosnapper is a Spinosaurus type Zoid. Spinosnapper differs from the majority of Zoids in that it was created with focus on utilitarian purposes . Armed with dual chainsaws, Spinosnapper was utilized to clear paths for oncoming Zoids. Spinosnapper can also be armed with a laser excavation kit. Spinosnapper lacks any massive long range weapons, but does contain a full barrel impact beam cannon enabling it to offer a minimal level of protection for the oncoming Zoids.

Sporting a pair of dual laser chainsaws, Spinosnapper is just as capable of decapitating on oncoming foe, as it is at cutting down a large tree. Spinosnapper has heavier armor making it superior in armor class than many comparable Zoids of it's size. The increase in heavy armor makes the  Spinosnapper a slower moving unit, using it's tail for balance. Spinosnapper was released as part of the NJR line as "Spinosapper", it was also released by Hasbro in regular and holotech forms. The holotech version has become one of the hardest Zoids to locate and commands a high price when it is located. The holotech version only seems to surface in Australia, and was probably produced in very limited numbers. Finished in forest green and dark orange the colors coupled with the bright yellow caps and translucent plastic make this Zoid a sight to behold.

As a model kit, Spinosnapper is the best of both worlds. The build is both intricate and intriguing. The Laser Chainsaws do take some work to build and relay a feeling of satisfaction when complete. The kit comes with optional equipment to display the kit in either "chainsaw" or "excavation" mode giving you more bang for your buck. Spinosnapper is one of my favorite kits and I highly recommend giving it a place in any Zoids collection.

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