Shield Liger Blox

The Shield Liger Blox was released in 2005 along with the PS2 game "Zoids: Battle Tactics". The build is fun, and the end result is far better than I expected. 

The box is really wicked denoting the unit as a not for sale prototype.

The piece is able to be displayed in a variety of different positions, and the scale down is near perfect. We are treated to a custom sticker sheet with this piece. An excellent display piece, it is a must grab for an avid Liger fan do not miss it.

The Shield Liger Blox consists of:

4 Sprues

1 Canopy

5 Blox

1 Pilot

12 Blox Joint Caps

1 Sticker Sheer

1 Instruction Manual

Below is a pictorial review of building the Shield Liger Blox.

Below is the finished unit.

Below: A couple of Family Portraits. 

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