In late 2005 the Nintendo DS game " Zoids Saga: Legend of Arcadia" was released. If you purchased this game you were treated to the exclusive Zoid: Sauro Knights. Like the Blade Hawk, this Zoid can also combine with the Murasame Liger to form Knight Liger. It comes in a monotone red box. Inside you will find a total of 2 sprues and one blox, as well as a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet is really tight with neon green "glowy" stickers reminiscent of the Dark Zoids, and I have seen this sticker sheet with another Zoid yet can't (at this point) seem to recall which one. I actually missed the chance when these were widely available from a seller on eBay for around a total of $15.00. I paid about $20.00 for this one from a Japanese seller.

From the very first time I saw Sauro Knights, to be honest, I didn't know what the hell it was. It looked like some bird like Zoid with a buzz saw, or a shield protruding out from one of it's appendages.

Upon getting into the kit it became very clear that this is actually a reptile. Dragon or dinosaur I don't think anyone knows for sure, but when you take the sprues out of the box and see that long neck and reptilian head there is no mistake. Then it all became clear to me. "Sauro" was used as a shortened version of the term Saurian a suborder of reptiles that includes but is not limited to lizards and crocodilians. So the unit is in fact a Lizard Knight.

Sauro Knights is composed of two sprues, a sticker sheet, one blox, and an instruction manual.

The build begins with the knight helmet like visor that conceals the head and contributes to the collective wondering of WTF this thing actually is.

Next the head and appendage with shield are constructed.

The legs are assembled next. 

Everything else is then placed, below is an exploded view just as the manual shows it.

The unit is now complete. Stickers and then placed to complete the Lizard Knight.

Sauro knights can also be mounted onto the Murasame Liger to form the variation "Knight Liger". The transformation is pretty simple, and not as complex as the Blade Hawk. The Liger's visor is removed and replaced as well as the two front leg shield fenders and the sword. This is replaced with every part of the Sauro Knight except the head/neck piece. The end result is cool, but nothing I would personally permanently alter my Murasame to display. Below are some shots of the TRU Special Color Murasame outfitted with Sauro Knights.

In conclusion Sauro Knights is a worthy addition to any collection. If nothing else but for it's odd ability to mimic the infamous Lizard Knights we fondly remember from the Legend of Zelda games.


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