ZGe-002, Rez Tiger was the second release in the Zoids Generations line. Its predecessor being ZGe-001  Liger Blue Souga, and it was followed by the dual set ZGe-003 containing both  Hound and Rhino. A very interesting build, this is actually two full Zoids sets including Whitz Wolf and Savinga, along with an extra sprue that forms the sword and mechanical sheath. Let's take an in depth look at building this set.

Rez Tiger Consists of:

12 Sprues

8 Caps

4 Blox

2 Pilots

2 Sticker Sheets

4 Plastic Inserts

4 Blox Octagon RubberIinserts

Loose Pieces:

1 Canopy

1 Lower Jaw

1 Undercarriage 

1 Stand (2 Pieces)

1 Motor

1 Smaller Motor (Mounts on standard motor)

2 Torso Axel Pipes

For this review I am going to take you through building the entire Whitz Wolf, move on to Savinga, and then focus on the combination of both units to form Rez Tiger.

Building Whitz Wolf:

The build begins with placing a total of side plates on the motor, as well as an under mounted cannon.

We then place the additional motor unit on the top of the body.

It's onto assembling the thruster unit, and mounting it on the back of the body.

The upper and lower jaw skeleton is assembled as is the tail unit.

We then start construction on the legs. The leg units are pre-built which makes assembly easy.

All four legs are completed.

Then attached to the body via the axels and caps.


The head and tail we previously assembled are then placed on the unit.

The twin cannons are then mounted.

The face is then constructed. 

Two facial side pieces snap together along with the canopy. The lower jaw plate is then attached to the skeletal frame.

The unit is finished up with the four feet covers becoming side guards, and two tail armors piece fitted.

The Whitz Wolf is now finished.

Note that I did not sticker this unit. Construction now begins on the Savinga.

Savinga construction begins with the assembly of two heads.

The construction then begins on cockpit.

With the cockpit assembled we then start on the under carriage and the tail.


WE then move onto the legs.

With the legs construction start on the twin triple blades.

The main body is then built using four Blox and various Blox pegs.


With the body complete the legs are attached as well as the blades, and Savinga is now complete.

Both units are not complete.

With both units complete they are now ready to merge together and form Rez Tiger, but first we craft the sword unit. Let's take a closer look at the extra frame include with this kit.

The frame contains the sword, sheath, and piece to form the arm that connects the sword unit to the main body. Construction begins by making the arm.


The sheath is then formed and the actual sword is connected to the arm we just built.

The finished unit.

I was actually more impressed with the sword unit than I thought I would have been. The design is pretty ingenious allowing the actual sword to fold up into the sheath. The arm has massive articulation which makes positioning the sword in any manner an easy task. A couple of big thumbs up for this design.

With the last piece of the build complete, it's finally time to assemble the actual Rez Tiger. The Whitz Wolf and Savinga are are cannibalized for parts.

The head is formed first.

The head is placed, along with the undercarriage. The original lower jaw piece is removed in favor of a wider version.

Next the feet guards are placed over the original feet and leg guards are positioned. There is also a set of leg guards for the rear legs pictured below.

The leg guard sets make the legs more prominent and sturdy looking.

The fore leg with guard in place::

The hind legs with guard in place:

Next two blox are utilized and attached to the smaller motor unit. These provide the base to attach the blade unit, and cannon on one side, and the sword unit cannon on the other.

The unit is now finished and ready for a sticker.

All of the Generations Zoids have very minimal stickers. On the box, Rez Tiger only has on sticker on it's upper left shoulder. 

Keeping in tune with my own personal sticker placing, I follow the box and place the sole sticker on the unit. The sticker must be trimmed, and even trimmed very closely the sticker barely fits in the suggested position.

Now complete Rez Tiger is ready for display.

The sword can be removed and displayed in the mouth.

Below are a few comparison shots with Whitz Tiger Imitate.

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