Raven Raptor

Raven Raptor had the honor of being modeled after one of the most feared and vicious of all dinosaurs, the Velociraptor. The Velociraptor was smaller than many think being about the size of a turkey, and also lacks the feathers that it was now believed to posses. Being one of the first Zoids making use of the Organoid system, the Raptor was superior in intelligence and had heightened agility and response capabilities. Designed for close combat, the Raptor does not normally mount any long ranged weapons. Created by the Guylos Empire, the Raptor relied on it's plethora of close combat style weapons including killer fangs, two large back mounted "Counter Scythes", a set of Hyper claws, and finally a set of Harken claws. The unit is also consider low on the equipment side making use of a single ion charger.

During the discovery in Western Europa, Empire Scientists used ancient data to create both the infamous Death Saurer and the Raptor. It's relatively small size allowed it to quickly be both created and put into use. The Raptor would become a standard Empire infantry unit, and often be seen throughout Zoids history. Appearing in both Zoids: Chaotic Century and Guardian Force the standard Raptor unit known as the "Rev Raptor" could be seen in countless battles. Usually depicted as battle fodder the Rev Raptors did not see a significant pilot character until the lead protagonist Van piloted one for a very short time period.

Later in Zoids: New Century Zero the Rev Raptor would become a bit more relevant and piloted by the Backdraft group, yet was still destroyed with ease (often by larger Zoids like Blade Ligers)  and was not seen as a massive "threatening" Zoid. Finally in Zoids: Fuzors Raptors were wild Zoids often milling about forest environments, and appeared in the background of the final Alpha Richter battle. 

Rev Raptor was released as part of the NJR line in it's classic black and maroon color scheme. Using a keyed wind up motor when activated the unit stomps forward moving it's arms and activating it's dual back mounted scythes. It was also released as part of the Hasbro and NPR  line up with a name change from "Rev RaptEr" to a more correct "Rev RaptOr".

Rev Raptor's next release in 2000 would be it's most stunning. Dubbed "Rev Rapter Night Patrol" the Zoid's classic maroon color changed to a striking purple, and in a throwback to the Grade Up era of Zoids the included Pile Bunker was released in beautiful chrome gold. The Regal appearance of the Purple and Gold Raptor is highly prized amongst collectors, and harder to come by making it not only an exquisite but rare piece. 

The last release year of the Raptor featured another name and color change. In 2003 the Yuji Kaida series released the "Raven Raptor". Shown on the box front descending from a clear blue sky, it's box art is one of the most memorable of all Zoids boxes. The eighth Zoid in the Yuji Kaida series, Raven Raptor was now presented in black and grey and kept the Pile Bunker from it's former incarnation which was re-colored in gray. This version also included a new sticker sheet. This same year also featured the European or "NER" release of the standard version of Rev Raptor.

Rev Raptor is a small build, and despite the flaws commonly observed in it's engineering is a nice Zoid to have. The dual scythes and overly large claws lend it a menacing look. Rev Raptor can mount one Custom Part or "CP" unit. The CP-08 or pile bunker is a large back mounted spear / jack hammer that can function as both an offensive penetrating weapon and as a utilitarian jack hammer useful for destroying structural supports. The pile bunker is actually designed to be used in pairs rather than separately, and when mounted on a raptor gives it an even more menacing appearance. 

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