Metal Rhimos

Created by the Zenebas Empire, Rhimos are scaled down versions of the infamous Red Horn. Scaling down the version resulted in increased speed and mobility, and a decrease in defensive protection. All Rhimos sport a set of Rail Cannons, one mounted on each side and stabilized by the weight of the unit. Aside from the Rail Cannons, the Rhimos has a nose horn which acts as a powerful drill bit that can also be used as a weapon to tear through armor, or as a recreational tool. Rhimos also contain a single seat hovercraft which can act as a scout or escape pod. The Rhimos have considerably thick armor, but lack any sort of major rear firepower making them weak to attacks from behind. Zenebas used concentrated groups of Rhimos throughout the wars successfully against the Republic, thus the Rhimos design became a staple of the Zenebas army.

When complete and activated, Rhimos stomps forward raising and lowering it's cannons. The head can reside in one of two available positions. One of which engages a gear that in turn spins the main horn. Construction is on the lighter side yet very fulfilling. Rhimos did not make an appearance in any Zoids Anime, yet has become very popular in many collections. A great choice for a beginner with a wind up motor, and packed with a ton of action for a smaller wind up. With many versions available, at least one should adorn every Zoid collection.

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