On January 28 of  2009, the Yahoo Message Group: Zoido was formed. Designed as an open email forum to reach out to all New School Zoiders, Zoido Yahoo Message Group or ZYMG for short celebrates all collectors. With the motto of "Talk, Learn, Enjoy!" ZYMG aims to bring all collectors under one universal cyber roof in hopes to exchange ideas and information, or just to talk.

The description of the group is as follows:

"Created to reach Zoids Fans everywhere! Come on in, relax, and let's talk about some OJR, perhaps some NJR, or maybe Rebirth Century? Celebrating our passion, devotion, and dedication to the greatest toys in the world: Zoids! From model kits to Anime, it's all here.

If you new, or a seasoned collector you are welcome here. No elite groups, no attitude! All about model kits with a good dose of Anime thrown in for full flavor. Whether you're a "completist" or a "prototype hunter" you have found your niche.

Park your Liger outside. We also welcome trading, buying, and selling. So if you found a large group of Zoids in your attic and wish to know what they are worth, or perhaps find them a good home you have come to the right place! Hey who left the Bloody Death Saurer here last night?"

Sign up and become part of the best Zoids group this side of Planet Zi: Zoido! 

I have also invited a small, select amount of retailers to join us 

and have encouraged promoting special offers for the group!

The New School of Zoids collecting.

I do hope you will join us soon, can't wait to see you there. Just fill in your email address below and join us now!

Come and Zoid with us:

See you there!

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2009 -WIKD