This is the making of Gojulas Regalis. This page will take you through the works that went into creating this custom. From paint and dremel to fitting and chopping. I hope you enjoy!

The first step was to apply a nice, even coat of paint to the sprues. 

The next few steps were building the normal Zoids Gojulas Model.

With the base complete it was time to go downstairs to the real work table for some mods to make this piece a true custom and not just a repaint. Regular Gojulas also came down to provide some inspiration and support.


t was time to add some fire power. I decided to start with the tail. The guns could not "overwhelm" the piece, and had to look as if the have both purpose and function. I decided to go with some Seismosaurus pieces as they were just the right size and shape. They also fit nicely.

With the side guns in place it was time to balance out the tail. For this I used pieces from Saber, and other Zoids. The trinity on the tip of the tail provided balance amongst the armament. It was off to the high tech paint room: AKA the garage. During this session the pilot also "got it".

Of course the pieces had to be altered and it was time to bust out the "ultimate modeling tool" the Dremel.

I used a small sanding tip to take down the pegs of the Hyperbeam Cannon to fit the adapter that I would place on the back of Gojulas Regalis.

In order to fit the adapter the two large back spikes on Gojulas had to be removed. I did not like the gap it left so I cut the spikes in two and refitted the smaller one back into place.

I ended up using a hacksaw to complete the process.

Next I used the Dremel again to drill the holes for two of the gold hoses. 

After I fitted the Hyperbeam onto the Gojulas I noticed the hole on the Cannon was "plugged" and didn't have a realisitic look so I hollowed out the barrel.

With everything in place it was now time for some minor paint touch ups. It was then time to sticker the beast. I used stickers from Gungyarados, Gojulas, Gojulas Giga, and a Techno Zoids Raptor.

Gojulas Regalis RZ-1640 was complete.

I hope you both enjoyed and were inspired by the making of this custom.