Voltron was another one of the robots I remember from childhood. There was not too much available that could match the massive die cast goodness of the piece. When starting the search to locate one of these pieces I was faced with many choices. I could try and find each lion separately, wait for an auction with a complete piece, or try and find something that was still in box. I spent about a week on eBay watching auctions.

As a kid I had two versions of this beast, and I came across an auction (in Taiwan) that had the infamous "boot leg" version "Lion Bot". It was a buy it now, and I was happy. I threw a couple extra bucks out for EMS shipping and was ecstatic when it arrived in a record 5 days!

The set comes with a virtual cornucopia of missile launchers, and an awesomely huge sword and shield set. It was just as I had remembered. I took some time to get myself reacquainted with the piece. In true Chogokin style this piece comes in protective Styrofoam, it also comes with a semi understandable booklet that gives a little information on each Lion's weaponry equipment, and also how to form the mighty Lion Bot.

The set comes with the traditional 5 lions. Let's take a look at each of them.

The Black Lion is number one. A stocky unit, it is probably the one you remember the most. This is a BIG toy in and of itself. The Black Lion features a dual mouth blade, twin fins on its back that have the ability to extend, as well as a shoulder mounted missile launcher. 

The Red Lion (Number 2) is also a skinnier piece that forms the right arm. Although he only possesses a single launcher, he does have a more traditional style sword. Being one of the arm units the Red Lion also has the ability to launch it's head.

The Green Lion is one of the more spindly lions. Lion number 3 it features a dual missile launcher, and triple sword that can be held in its mouth. The Green Lion forms the left arm of Lion Bot, and is also able to launch it's spring loaded head.


The Blue Lion (number 4) is one of the three heavier lions. It features a side arm missile combo, and like the Green Lion also features a triple blade only larger.

The fifth Yellow Line has always been my favorite. He wields a dual shoulder missile launcher, a big ass spike shield on his left rear leg, and has a heavy cannon. He looks the most sleek out of all of the Lion's with the dual blades on his back, and single sword the Yellow Lion is just awesome.

Who could forget the infamous sword of Voltron which was literally bigger than a baby's arm.

The set of all five Lions looks wicked when displayed in Lion Mode.

So after checking out all the Lions and their gadgets, it was time to form the Robot. I had long forgotten how the process was completed, and had to refer to the semi understandable instruction booklet. It was less complicated than I had originally thought it would be. The legs all tuck and fold, and the tails are all inset into the spaces provided on the back. The transition was nice. The most interesting part is actually inserting the leg units into the Black Lion who has receiving ports that are very well disguised. Once complete you have a more than formidable toy. One could literally consider this piece a deadly weapon should you choose to hurl it at someone, and I would bet money that a wayward lion flung in a fit of fury was the cause of more than a few childhood bruises and bloody noses. 

Another interestingly dangerous fact about the older Voltrons is that some of them contained lead based paint.

So as much as you (and I) would like to lick our Voltron, please resist the urge and DO NOT do it! Please Note: No babies were put in danger to create this review as the sword in the above picture DOES NOT contain lead based paint.

So, what's the final word?

I am very happy with the purchase, and this classic bot will make a very strong addition to any collection. I would recommend anyone taking the time to actively search one out to add to their collection. Make sure you have room for this bad boy, as he is large! 

Voltron, Go Lion, or Lion Bot is visually stunning, very solid, and a must add to any vintage display. Do not miss the chance to pick one up.

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