Below is my list of links. These are some of the internets best Zoid (and Gundam) resources, enjoy!


Zoids Lair

A newer site with focus on Zoids sprites from the video games.

Zoids Evolution

A fresh site dedicated to our beloved machines. A new take mixing the Anime with collecting, and doing it rather pleasantly. Check it out.

Ultrasaurus Red

Lionel's site. Originating from France he has a wonderful collection of rare Zoids, as well as Zoid display items. You must stop by.

Channel Zi

This was one of the most Awesome Zoids site around. It is RETURNING soon! Channel Zi was ALOT of the inspiration for I would like to give Channel Zi a very warm welcome back. Prepare yourself for what is the awesomeness of the Return of Channel Zi!


Hi Docker's site, with truly amazing graphic art, stop by and tell him WIKD sent ya!


Based in Singapore you cannot pass this one up. A great site with a great forum filled with awesome people, give it a look. Link on frontpage!

Creative Insanity 

Tilly's Zoids section of her Creative Insanity Domain. A great page with a variety of interesting Zoid Information as well as videos. Check it.

Liger Striker Unit

Crushader's collection of nothing but Ligers! A must visit.

Phenotypes Zoids Site

Pheno used to have an awesome collection of Zoids, and a hell of a nice site to boot. He has since sold his entire collection on evil bay.

The Rusty Salamander

One of the older Zoids sites around, nice graphics, and recently updated.

Blood for the Baron

Scans of the Zoids U.K. comic, a must see!

Zoid.US was recently featured in the Collectors spotlight over at Crazy Collectors in Germany. A great site mainly dedicated to Master of the Universe collections, I am very proud to have been asked to be displayed! Listed under "Wikd" there are current pictures of the collection exclusively on site, enjoy!

Crazy Collectors

Bidding Service

Hobby Frontier

This is the premiere YJA bidding service. Rates are highly reasonable. Want something from YJA? Go here and tell ol' Crushader that WIKD sent you!


Just as I have start to collect Gundam, I start meeting new people. Above is the link to Vincent's Gundam Site: Gundam It's one of the few American websites keeping the spirit of Gunpla alive. It's a must you swing by for a visit and let him know Zoid.US sent ya!