The following is an interview with Mr. Philip Lim AKA All Prime Man

ZU: Hello and Welcome, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

PL: Hi, I'm Philip Lim from Singapore . I'm working as a Biz.Development Manager in a manufacturing company. My job involves me traveling to and fro Singapore and Malaysia hence at times I get to purchase some toys and stuff off retail after some comparison on prices. My first toy collection is into Transformers - mainly Optimus Prime and all its variations. Gave up on that 2 years ago and then came Zoids.

ZU: When and why did you start collecting Zoids?

PL: I had since young been fascinated by dinosaurs/animals. Sticker books, storybooks and toy-related stuff. I chanced upon Zoids in primary school and bought Zoidzilla, Red Horn, Gore and a few of those wind-ups. Then Transformers was aired on TV and I guess as most of us kids at that time, we switched our interest into that and sort of “gave up” on Zoids. Even then I have constantly looked at Zoids on retail all the while. The big break came in year 2005 July. What really started me into Zoids again was the Bio Zoids. I got all seven of them within a day. 

ZU: How long have you been collecting Zoids?

PL: My collection started in July 2005.

ZU: How many Zoids are currently in your collection?

PL: My last count was at 400+ in May, lost count after that :P 

ZU: Is your collection predominantly built, or Mint in Box?

PL: Almost 98% of my Zoids collection is in MIB/MISB condition

ZU: Why is this?

PL: Display area issue, my own place wont be ready till year 2007 Thus I keep them in this manner for easier storage, less damage possibilities on the toy.

ZU: When do you recall seeing your first Zoid?

PL: About 24-25 years ago

ZU: What was the first Zoid you purchased?

PL: Aquadon

ZU: With so many releases, which line would you consider to be your favorite, (NJR, OJR, OER, etc.) and why?

PL: OJR is definitely a worthy investment as that was the true childhood dreams, I will get my hands on them if financial permits, now just got to make do with their reissues – the NJR line.

ZU: Out of all the Zoids in your collection, which Zoid is your favorite or personal "Holy Grail", and why?

PL: I am quite ambitious to finish off with more Zoids, yet to have one single Holy Grail as yet 

ZU: Where do you see your collection ten years from now?

PL: I see myself as an accomplished collector with every single piece of Zoids ever released from the toy factory.

ZU: Are you a fan of the Zoid's Anime, and if so, which series do you prefer and why?

PL: Yes, I have watched all of them from Chaotic Century, New Century, Fuzors and currently Genesis. I prefer the storyline of Chaotic Century as the bond between human and Zoids is strongly felt, mysterious upgrades/evolve of Zoids..etc

ZU: Have you played any of the Zoids video games, and if so which one is your favorite, and why?

PL: So far only tried the gameboy advance version – Zoids Legacy and I like it Get to see many Zoids from different eras come together to fend off a greater evil.

ZU: Are you an avid Zoids customizer?

PL: Yet to venture into that though I have many crazy ideas :P 

ZU: Where and how are your Zoids currently displayed?

PL: Most in carton boxes with the higher-value ones in display showcase

ZU: What, if any, Zoid(s) are you currently seeking?

PL: OJR Gilvader, Orudios

ZU: How much would you estimate you spent on Zoids this year?

PL: Estimated at S$15,000 and above

ZU: What are your views on TOMY reissuing older, harder to find, valuable Zoids?

PL: It is definitely welcomed for a new collector like me :P

ZT: Do you consider your collection an investment?

PL: Yes

ZU: Do you purchase Zoids via Yahoo Japan ? If so which company (3rd party bidding service) do you use, and why?

PL: Yup, via Abidko. It is a local ( Singapore ) contact and I can sms/call to give instructions/decisions as and when required. 

ZU: What is your advice to anyone just starting to get into the hobby?

PL: Be theme-specific, example all lions, tigers, wolves..etc Getting it for its design is not really focused, with modern technology, every single piece of new Zoids will surpass its predecessor

ZU: Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.