King Liger RPZ-15 is part of the Grade Up series of Zoids. Recently King Liger has sky rocketed in price on Yahoo Japan Auctions. King Liger can be considered the "base" version of King Baron. It has the basic weapons that include 2 "Mega Balkins" (Guns located on each side of the unit), a total of 4 "Laser Blades", and a pair of tail mounted "Beam Cannons". Although I personally favor King Baron due to it's massive amount of flashy guns, King Liger is a welcome addition to the collection. King Liger carries a certain aire of royalty that fails words.


It's elegantly designed, and perhaps it's the minimal use of weapons combined with the white and gold color scheme that contribute to its highly majestic appearance. 

King Liger consists of:

7 Sprues (including 1 joint + crown gear sprue)

10 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Shaft with Cranks

3 Gears

2 Shaft Pieces

3 Battery Contacts (Metal)

1 Motor

1 Sticker Sheet

Below is a closer look at the sticker sheet.

Below is pictorial review of building King Liger.


King Liger is complete.

The next step is to apply the stickers.

King Liger is similar in build to King Baron. I always enjoy the Grade Up builds as they allow you to build the motors. I always enjoy the new look and feel each Grade Up bring to my collection. Below is a scan of King Liger's box with the original price tag intact.

The tag is marked with a mere 1,300 (same as the retail price booklet). King Liger is a worthy addition to any collection, and if you ever cross paths with this old timer I highly suggest adding it to your own personal collection. The Winglider, Grade Up Unit No.4, was made especially for the King Liger. It is almost a must for th unit resulting in the ability to fly, and an increase in firepower with the extra cannons. The addition of the unit makes King Liger a more formidable opponent, and looks absolutely wicked when displayed.

The Winglider consists of 12 pieces.

The two large "wings" are interlocked.

The wings then are fitted into the shell along with a spindle that has a lip. The spindle with lip is then fited into the body and when the Winglider is plugged into the grade up port the spindle is activated. The lip turning makes the wings rise and fall.

A closer look:

The unit is then sealed wih the other half.

The ends are secured by tw pieces.

The dual cannons and top fins are placed.

The unit is complete.

Below: King Liger complete with Stickers, and Grade Up Unit No.4.

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