RPZ-20 King Baron

King Baron, the pimped out version of King Liger, is pure OJR goodness. King B represents all that is awesome about the OJR Grade Up line. Chrome and lots of it and guns, lots of guns. I would take a King Baron over a King Liger any day of the week. It's not that I don't like King Liger, it's just that King Baron (in my opinion) does a way better job of incorporating the fantasy of an over gunned, animalistic, war machine and it does so with very fluid angles and style. I found the construction of the Zoid to be both very unique, and refreshing. In the collection King Baron rests on the top shelf amongst greats like King Gojulas and Gil Vader. The following is my account of welcoming another King into the family.

King Baron is a smaller kit consisting of:

7 Sprues (including 1 joint + crown gear sprue)

10 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Shaft with Cranks

3 Gears

2 Shaft Pieces

3 Battery Contacts (Metal)

1 Motor

1 Sticker Sheet

The build begins with placing the battery contacts and the motor into position.

Next the gears are fit.

The actual Grade Up port is then assembeld.

Two of the pieces fit together, and the third is placed on the bottom to form one unit and hold the entire thing in position.

The dual exhaust pipes are then placed on each side. Very similar to the "modern" command wolf, I think King Baron is in the front running for the Zoid with the most exhaust pipes ever.

The head is then ready for assembly.

The nest step is fitting the pilot, the seat, and two head mounted guns.

Next comes the head cap, as well as our first look at chrome.

The on/off (power) switch is then fitted using a cover, the actual lever switch, and the last of the metal components.

Next come the legs. Now these are not the infamous "Liger Legs" that we are all accustomed to. Instead they are simplistic and consist of a mere 3 pieces. Simple, yet very effective and a nice change of pace.

Next, the leg lever and guess what? Yep, more chrome! (Including but not limited to two chrome exhaust tips)

The legs are then placed.

Next the set of fins and yet another gun is mounted.

Next comes both the tail and grade up bar.

The last piece to be fitted is the battery cover.

The final product King Baron.

In the continuing saga to locate what I believe to be the greatest line of Zoids existing, King Baron was a welcomed addition. When switched on the unit stomps forward with its jaws opening and closing. Although it's not too large the awesome amount of chrome more than makes him stand out amongst his fellow Zoids. If you catch him, you will definitely appreciate being in the presence of his royalty. 

You may have noticed that (this) King Baron sports Silver instead of gold chrome. When I purchased him I was unsure of the Silver chrome's origin, and had thought it to be painted. I can tell you that it came this way from the factory. This finish is not dull and is highly reflective indicating that it was not altered by conventional paint methods. Under the chrome, the sprues are usually either black or a really translucent white (ghost Zoid) material, so it is unlikely that the gold finish "wore off", as the silver finish is evenly distributed and unmarred. My guess is that it accidentally got the wrong vacuum finish in the factory, perhaps God Kaiser?. This makes it one of my more unique, highly treasured, factory flawed pieces.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2007 -WIKD