With the release of the newest Hound Solider (in the Zoids Generations line), I decided to do a different kind of review that I have had in my mind for awhile now. I thought it would be rather interesting, and kind of different, to do one review for all three releases. Going back to the Grade Up version of Hound Soldier and forward to the newest release. So welcome to the Zoid.US "Three Dog Night" Hound Soldier Grade up (RPZ-12), Genesis Hound Soldier (GZ-004), and Generations (ZGe-003) review.

Acquiring the targets was the hardest part. I had been eyeing a Grade Up Hound Soldier on eBay for some time that I purchased along with the Zoids Genesis  version. With the help of hobbyfrontier.com and Crushader I placed a bid on Yahoo Japan and won the newest (Generations) version.

Lets take a look inside each box.

The Grade Up Hound Soldier RPZ-12 consists of:

7 Sprues

1 Crown Gear Sprue

6 Caps (even though the manual only states 4)

1 Motor

5 Metal pieces

1 Pilot

1 Shaft with Cranks

3 Gears

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Manual

The Genesis Hound Soldier GZ-004 consists of:

6 Sprues

4 Caps 

1 Motor

1 Pilot

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Manual

The Generations Hound Soldier ZGe-003 consists of:

6 Sprues

4 Caps 

1 Motor

1 Pilot

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Manual

1 Additional sprue with extra "Rum Barrel" piece

As you can see the Grade Up version being the oldest, and (as always) my favorite line, gives you the opportunity to actually assemble the motor. So for the review we will start with the Grade Up version and then simultaneously built the other two version right along side it.

The first step is fitting the motor. 

Two of the metal contacts as well as the motor are placed inside the body compartment:

The nest step is the fitting of the gears.

If you have ever built a Grade Up this task is more difficult than it appears, and one can screw this step up with ease. If the gears are not fitted properly and do not make contact with each other, the motor will not run (in this case) resulting in one dead dog.

Next the actual Grade Up port is fitted.

This is a simple step affixing the parts to opposite sides of the upper body.

Next we place the chest plate between the two piece previously completed.


This brings up up to speed to the pre-assembled motors that come with the two later versions of this pooch. See all the fun you have been missing buying pre-assembled motors? Note: The lower battery cover on RPZ-12 is not placed on yet, this comes in a later step.

Our trio of canines now are ready for their tail pieces, jaw moving rods, and front chest cannons.

Next we start the head which consists of four pieces. Two head halves, one lower jaw piece, and the center portion of the cranium.

Next the side carriage and the left front and rear legs are placed. The legs are held in position by two caps.

*The following is only completed on RPZ-12*

The bottom portion of the battery compartment is then fitted with two metal contacts, a cover, and a plastic lever to form the actual on/off switch. 

This is yet another feature that I think is awesome with the Grade Up Zoids and makes the entire experience more personable.

This part of construction is finished with the cover plate.

*Normal build resumes*

The other side follows, and now the dogs can stand.

The head is then finished up via a total of four pieces.

Next the back armor plate where the Grade Up bar rests is positioned , as well as the tail guard.

Completed overhead view:

Next the pilot seats as well as the lances are placed.

Lances ala Evil Pegasus are in position.

*The following is completed optionally on ZGe-003*

The installation of the Rum Barrel begins with removing the lances and side face piece.

The chest cannon is then removed.

The Rum Barrel is then positioned, and the pieces reassembled.

Additionally you have the option to replace the left side lance.

 The optional lance is composed of the softer plastic and looks more knife like than the original. Take a look below for a close up of the new style lance.

The Hounds are finished.

All that's left is to sticker each unit. RPZ-12 comes with about three stickers that are actually shown on the box, the rest were placed in a semi logical manner to resemble what was on the box. In my opinion, the Genesis Hound is really overwhelmed with stickers. Having the Generations hound with minimal stickers (only 2) really balances out the trio. 

In conclusion my personal favorite is the grade up version. The vintage chrome, and purple sparkle pieces absolutely rock.

Followed by the newest release the Generations Hound, which has some really unique and awesome colors. The rum barrel is also an awesome addition, although I would not sacrifice it for the chest cannons personally, it does bring a sort of nostalgia to the rescue hound.

Last but not least is the Genesis Hound.

Whether you decide to pick up one version, or all three, the Hound Soldier is truly a piece that has withstood the test of time. A worthy addition to any collection don't miss the chance to add it to yours.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2007 -WIKD