Buster Eagle (Holotech Version)

Produced by the Republic and ZOITEC, the Buster Eagle is the one of two BLOX  Zoids capable of flight. Seeking to improve upon their first aerial designed BLOX Zoid, Night Wise, the republic needed something with more firepower. Along with wanting superior firepower the Republic desired a more agile and capable unit that was not as restricted as Night Wise was. As work began, the Republic performed a sort of  reverse engineering when creating the Buster Eagle. Inspired by the set of CP-10 or "Republic Super Cannons" mounted on various versions of the infamous Gojulas, work began on creating a pair of aerial friendly cannons that could not only be fired while in flight, but packed enough punch to do some heavy damage to sizeable Zoids. These long range, large bore cannons would soon come to be known as "Buster Cannons".

To find the right frame to carry the Buster Cannons the Republic, along with ZOITEC, looked again to the large "Birds of Prey". This was an obvious choice and the body of an Eagle would be used to be combined with the large Buster Cannons to become known as the "Buster Eagle". Rounding out it's arsenal the new bird would also carry four cluster bombs, 2 incendiary bombs, four air to air missiles, and a set of talons and beak crafted of hyper alloy. Due to the Buster Cannons, the cockpit is located on the back of the Zoid, which also makes it unique as most pilots are seated in or near the head of the units.

In the Anime Zoids Fuzors, the Buster Eagle is paired up with Berserk Fury  to create the Fuzor known as Buster Fury. Part of the "Savage Hammer" team, the Buster Eagle is piloted by "Luke". Later in the series it is revealed that the Buster Eagle was a gift given to Luke from "Blake" the pilot of Berserk Fury. In the Anime Buster Eagle is seldom seen in it's single form and shortly after we first lay eyes on it, it combines with the Berserk Fury intermingling the Battle Story. Eventually the unit would be damaged beyond repair by an Energy Liger.

The Buster Eagle was first released as a BLOX  by both Hasbro and Tomy. The models are the same and only the packaging is different. Buster Eagle would also be packaged as a Fuzors release and the brown parts would be re-colored with a metal flake red, and this version of Buster Eagle came with a red pilot figure. In 2003 we saw the Buster Eagle's only limited release as a Holotech figure. Only sold at the Zoids convention exhibition in 2003, the Buster Eagle's special color was denoted only by a sticker on the box. This version is hard to very hard to come by and should be considered an ultra-rare as very few units were actually produced.

The Buster Eagle is a relatively long build for a BLOX Zoid. The build is enjoyable and the end result is one of my personal favorite Zoids.. Buster Eagle has so many good qualities that there is no reason not to add one (or two) to your collection. The first part of it's all inclusive awesomeness are the variety of poses this unit can assume. The Eagle can be displayed with it's wings folded and standing, standing with it's wings open, and in flight mode with it's feet and neck being able to be positioned to increase the possibilities even further. While in flight mode, the posing of the feet and neck can give the appearance of an attack position, a soaring position, or even a landing position. These poses are made possible by the BLOX system, and I believe this is what the line was "supposed" to be like. Although most BLOX fail in my books, Buster Eagle actually goes above and beyond.

This unit is getting harder to locate and the base models are becoming expensive. I believe I sold the last unit I had in stock for around $30.00 US. The limited Holotech version can possibly set you back $80.00-$120.00 US, but it's worth every penny. The look of the Holotech Buster Eagle is unmatched, and the design of the Buster Eagle conveys a feeling of royalty and aggressiveness while appearing as one of the most graceful Zoids in existence. Aside from it's regal appeal the unit does a great job of staying together and the weight is amazingly balanced. Buster Eagle looks just plain wicked if you are able to hang it with class. In one of my old homes I had Buster Eagle hung from the ceiling in a strike pose and every visitor that entered the room always made a comment, especially on the holotech version when the sun was lightly shining through the translucent plastic. Now all three of my units are displayed in cases two with their wings extended and the holotech piece sits, wings folded, in the middle it makes an awesome display. Somehow, out of all the winged units Buster Eagle always stands out.

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