Hell Runner

Hell Runner, the Zoids 2 version of Marder is an Ornithomimus type Zoid. It was created by Zenebas Empire, and was one of the first Zoids created for high speed strikes and exploration. Equipped with thrusters, Hell Runner can reach speeds of up to 360 miles per hour. The Zoid has minimal armor, sacrificing it for less weight and higher speeds. Hell Runner has a single weapon mount located atop it's back which can equip either a beam cannon or small missile pod. Hell Runner relies on it's high speeds to evade damage, and is not designed to directly engage in battle. Hell Runner's legs can serve as weapons if close combat situations are un-avoidable.

Eventually the design became obsolete, and we did not see a re-incarnation in the NJR line. Tales tell the Zoid was phased out by more favorable units that had a better balance of speed and attack power. The model kit is sleek in appearance and a quick build. When wound up, the unit runs in a very bird like manner. The build is quick, and the finished unit makes an excellent addition to any Zoids collection.

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