I acquired both versions of Hammer Rock late into the collection, in fact it was one of the very last pieces I needed to complete the NJR line. I was lucky to land both versions at nearly the same time. I ended up ordering the NJR version, and the OJR version was a gift from none other than Doc (Zoidspoison.com) himself. All the pieces in my collection remind me of different times when they were built, and some of the most special pieces are those that were given to me. The OJR Hammer Rock is one such piece. Lets take a look at both versions.

I enjoy both boxes. nothing beats vintage boxes, but the Iron Kong PK featured on the NJR Hammer Rock makes for a wicked box front also.

Below, a closer look at the sprues of each version:

The most obvious variation on is on the clamshell head pieces curvature which is way more prominent on the OJR version.

The NJR version features a truly awesome sticker sheet. Giving the Zoider a choice between the three main logo's: Killer Bee, Strong Arm, and Sledge Hammer it is one of the better sticker sheets ever produced. The OJR sticker sheet is a foil based sheet with vintage style graphics that, when placed, give the piece that true OJR flavor.

Pictured below is the build process which is identical in both versions. The build is simple, fun, and satisfying and I highly recommend this piece be added to any collection.

Pictured below: Hammer Rock

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