Designed as an infantry Zoid, the Republic created Guysack based on the old Spider (Garantulus) Zoid design. Due to it's extra appendages and firepower it is slower than Spider Zoid, yet far more powerful in the firepower department. Guysack, like the arthropod it's based upon, operates best in desert environments with sandy soil types that allow the unit to burrow underground and launch surprise attacks. Guysack has two possible tail mounts which include a Beam Rifle, or a Beam Cannon. It is also equipped with a pair of smoke dischargers that are mounted directly behind the cockpit. Guysack normally attacked in large brigades. 

Construction of the model is simple, and yields amazing results. Using two chassis that each attach two pairs of legs, each side moves independently allowing the unit to creep along in true insect like fashion. It also comes with a variety of small parts that most Zoids it's size do not have,  giving the builder a few choices in the display department.  I remember this unit from childhood, and it will always remain a classic in my mind.

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