Created by the Heltic Republic Gustav is an insect type Zoid similar to a "rollie pollie" or "pill bug". It is of average speed but is made to go the distance and is equipped with high endurance. Gustav is strong and can pull up to 250 tons of cargo on its two standard trailers while not compromising much , if any, speed.

 Gustav's armor is incredible for it's size only match by hulking Zoids like the Death Saurer, yet Gustav is completely lacking any weapons systems at all. Soon after the Empire saw the usefulness Gustav provided the Republicv, the Empire started production on their own Gustav units. Gustav would remain in service for both the Republic and the Empire for the entire length of the war. 

Over time Gustav spread to independent owners who would use the units for utilitarian purposes all across planet Zi. Some were even modified to fit weapons with hit and miss success. Many of us were introduced to Gustav via a character named Moonbay in the Chaotic Century Zoids Anime, where she and Gustav hauled the Command Wolf and Shield Liger many a mile. Gustav even managed to take a blast from a Charged Particle Cannon while protecting the occupants inside. Many of the Gustav's seen in the Anime are the initial OJR color scheme (white and grey).

Originally designated as RPZ-02, the same number as the Shield Liger, it was later changed with the NJR release Zi-025 as to not interfere with the "new" number designation system. There have been a few releases of this Zoid including the white and grey initial OJR release, the red release of the OER version known as Red Scavenger (Which came with painting instructions, should the owner wish to change it's side). Next there are rumors of the legendary Gustav known as "Gustav Empire Spec" which was said to be a special release in Japan. Most saw Gustav in it's NJR release and tie in with the Chaotic Century Anime. This version was re-tooled to work off a single AA battery and had a screw instead of clip cover. It also came with a frame of Anime characters, and was also finished in red.

Gustav was also released in the red color scheme for the Hasbro and NPR releases. Only the box was changed, the model remained the same. Building a Gustav is a grand experience. The fitting of the shells and the precise overlap engineering is not to be missed. Gustav also comes equipped with two full size trailers and tools to equip the trailers, which provide endless picture opportunities. The model was designed accurately and weighting down the trailers does not affect the Zoids performance. This model was over produced and is easy to find, even today. I recommend Gustav as a gift or as in introduction into the hobby, do not miss him!


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