EZ-063, Gun Tiger is an awesome little Zoid. I had to purchase this unit a total of four times before getting one that was without any flaws. On the first unit the leg pegs snapped, the second unit was missing a leg connector, and the third unit came with broken feet. That being said be sure you check this one over good for any defects when you receive it, as this little tiger is prone to a variety of factory flaws. Also, take care when building as the piece all seem to be brittle and more prone to breaking under less than normal stress when building. So, let's take a look at Gun Tiger.


Gun Tiger consists of:

5 Sprues

1 Sticker Sheet

1 "Cap and  Antenna" Sprue

The build is a simple, yet satisfying process. The unit is packed with detail and the addition of the small things like the side face plates make the unit seem more complete and give a more complex look to the finished product. The build starts with assembling the head.

With the head complete we then move onto the body. (With the pegs that tend to break.)

There are two connector plates that secure the body that are placed on the underside of the unit.

Now, we start placing the cockpit, gun sight, and antenna on the upper portion of the body.

With the body complete, the legs are started.

The unit is now ready to sticker.

All of four stickers are shown on the Hasbro box, I used a couple more to accentuate the piece. When finished the unit is now ready for display.

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