Gungyarados, or "Gungy" as his fans have come to call him, has always fascinated me - almost as much as my all time favorite Gil Vader - and has been one of my "Holy Grail" zoids for some time. Being one of the Guylos Empire's most feared war machines that boasts the infamous Charged Particle Cannon, I have hunted this treasure for what seemed like an eternity.

Released in 1990, Gungy is in the Grade Up series, and could not have had that long of a production run. MIB specimens seldom turn up in today's market. He is also one of few Zoids capable of two distinct modes of transportation: walking on either two or four legs.

His unique yet classic OJR appearance is unmatched. From the smoke grey chrome to the tiny yet detailed human skull stickers, Gungyarados is truly one of the most awesome archetypes planet Zi has ever seen. The following is my account of building probably the second best grade up Zoid ever created: Gunguyarados, DPZ-23.

Gungyarados is composed of:

1 Two Piece Motor

7 Sprues

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Silver Chrome Pilot

1 Axle

1 "Cylinder with Gear"

1 Instruction Book

24 Dark Blue Caps

1 Tab of rubber "Stoppers"

1 OJR Booklet 

Construction begins with the motor and head.

The wing supports also go in at the very start of the project.

The head begins to take shape.

Body "Armer" starts to be applied, and the classic "S" shape can now be seen.

.The arms are then constructed.

Pictured below: Completed Arm.

The feet are next.

Pictured below: Completed Foot.

The appendages are then applied to the body via rubber caps.

The mechanical beast is now starting to take shape.

Next the tail is formed.

I found it interesting that the rubber caps actually go inside of the tail to provide resistance on the plastic that allows one to pose the tail.

The model now pushes 18" in length.

Next the accents to the head are applied, which makes the piece awesomely evil.

Pilot is then seated.

After the pilot is fitted the wings are then assembled. The wings snap on the model via very small, and very fragile clips. I was a bit stressed out when pressure had to be applied to snap the clip in place, yet it turned out just fine.

Wings in place, he looks great.

Now to assemble that infamous Pulse Cannon.

The intricate gear work on this piece is amazing. Note the cylinder with pink marks. When in place, the cylinder rotates and the pink marks spin and give a pretty damn good optical illusion.

The purple covers are then applied. Note: the small power emblem that almost was left behind on the sprue.

Lets take a look at the sticker sheet that is now ready to be applied.

Note: Awesome Vintage Human Skull Stickers. Gotta Love OJR stickers and their "feel".

After the stickers are applied, Gungyarados is complete and ready for display:

In closing, Gungy is an awesome Zoid, and in my book, holds a place in the Great Trinity of Zoidum. That Trinity being Gil Vader, Gungyarados, and King Gojulas. I was lucky to aquire a Mint In Box version, and it was an absolute pleasure to build. When powered on he walks, his arms move, his mouth opens and closes, and the grade up port operates the Pulse Cannon. The only real downfall with this Zoid is the price that one must pay to aquire him.

He now is proudly displayed right where he belongs in the display case: