Gul Tiger, DPZ-16 has been a Holy Grail of mine for some time. This very elusive Zoid was first produced in 1989 with production ceasing early in 1990. I don't know of too many other Zoiders who are as fanatical about the piece as I am. What exactly is it about this Zoid that makes me crazy about it? I don't know for sure, but the colors are a large contributing factor. Gul Tiger reminds me of Halloween and Halloween has been my personal favorite holiday ever since I was a child. I also like the design which is unlike any other Zoid ever produced.  The unit screams aerodynamic, sneaky and small, yet highly powerful. To me, it is one of the most well designed fictional war machines to ever be brought into reality.


Gul Tiger hails from Nyx, the Dark Continent. Nyx was home to the Guylos Empire. It was hit by meteor that submerged it under water and brought an end to the Gul Tiger as well as many other great OJR Zoids. After Nyx was inhabitable the Guylos troops moved to Europa (The Western Continent). Below is a map of Planet Zi with Nyx (the origin of the Gul Tiger) highlighted.

Yet another intriguing fact about the Gul Tiger is the primary weapon it uses. The Gul Tiger carries the infamous SCCPC or Super Compact Charged Particle Cannon, and IS able to fire the cannon while in motion. It's truly amazing (to me) that a Zoid much smaller than its fellow CPC carrying brethren (Death Saurer, Geno Breaker, Geno Saurer, ect.) can effectively use the unit much less use it while "on the run". Gul Tigers other weapons consist of  Beam Gun and Paralyzer. 

Gul Tiger also sports some heavy armor on its shoulder units that protect the majority of the body from taking large amounts of damage. The combination of weapons and armor of the Gul Tiger has allowed the unit to be a very instrumental part of the Guylos forces. Gul Tiger was responsible for taking down some of the largest Zoids, as well as effectively breaking large Helic Zoid formations.

I was lucky enough to receive a Mint In Box version of the Gul Tiger as one of my birthday gifts from my Wife. Thanks Babe! (I'm 30 years old, and still getting toys for my birthday !) I also had the opportunity to purchase a semi complete Gul Tiger which I thought would make for a good winter restoration project, or to do a Dark Gul Tiger custom. Gul Tiger is part of the Grade Up series of Zoids, and I do believe it is one of the hardest of the series to locate MIB or otherwise. Let's take a look at the actual kit.

Gul Tiger consists of:

7 Sprues (including 1 joint + crown gear sprue)

6 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Shaft with Cranks

3 Gears

2 Shaft Pieces

3 Battery Contacts (Metal)

1 Motor

1 Sticker Sheet




Below: A closer look at the Sticker Sheet.

The instructions, as well as the complete steps are pictured below.


The last page gives details of attaching the Eye Flasher Unit as well as the Gyrocrafter. The Gyrocrafter gives Gul Tiger the ability to hover like a helicopter, as well as acts for an intake for the CPC increasing it's power.

It's now time to sticker the unit.

Not unusual, the Gul Tiger does not come with the stickers pictured on the box. I had to resort to my OJR sticker stash to finish the job.

Conclusion: The Gul Tiger is a very unique Zoid both in its distinct appearance and build. The box is surprisingly small with the actual finished unit coming in at approx. 9.5" in length. One of my favorite Zoids, Gul Tiger is a worth addition to any collection. Below are some pictures of the finished unit, enjoy!

Below: Note the "Dark Force" wraith like logo.


Below: An interesting insert with Gil Vader and Salamander F2 that was including with Gul Tiger. I personally did not have this OJR catalog. It also show a different line up of the Grade Up Zoids.

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