Gun Sniper

Gun Sniper is a Velociraptor type Zoid designed by the Republic. A unique Zoid, the Gun Sniper is different in the sense that it uses an active Organoid System. Lending considerable "intelligence" to the Zoid, Gun Sniper is able to "learn" from it's pilot and use what it has learned autonomously. Created to perform dual roles in Battle, Gun Sniper was used as both an infantry unit as well as a support unit. Gun Sniper is  both light weight and very quick. 

 Gun Sniper carries a plethora of weapons packed into it's small frame. As it's name suggests the Gun Sniper's primary weapon is a 144mm Sniper Rifle located at the end of it's tail. This weapon is deadly accurate at long ranges and can take down far superior Zoids with a single well placed shot. The only draw back of this weapon is that the Zoid must stand completely still to fire the weapon. Gun Sniper is also equipped with both strike claws and bite fangs enabling the unit to be an extremely effective close combat unit. Rounding out the long and short range weapons are a pair of Beam Gatling Guns, a Beam Launcher, and dual 8 Shot Missile Pods. 

Equipment wise the Gun Sniper packs a pair of 3D Radar Antenna located on the head, as well as two Ion Boosters and an Ion Charger. Equipped with Organoid Technology, Gun Sniper quickly proved itself effective on the battlefield and just as quickly it would become the standard choice for the Republic infantry units.

Gun Sniper would also make several appearances in Zoids Anime, the first of which would be Zoids:Guardian Force. Introduced as a brand new unit, Gun Sniper would quickly appear in large swarms operated by Republic Forces. It was also used by many side characters including a professional assassin, mercenaries, and pirates. Moving onto Zoids: New Century Zero we see Gun Sniper units being utilized by two major characters. Both Naomi Flugel and Leena Toros choose modified Gun Snipers as their main Zoids. Stationary Gun Snipers would also be seen in Harry's hanger, and two normal units would quickly be destroyed as they fought alongside Flugel's modified unit. Later we would lay eyes on yet another version of Gun Sniper known as the "Gun Sniper Leena Special" which possessed a large number of CP's. The Gun Sniper's last appearance was in Zoids: Fuzors in which it was conveyed mainly as a support Zoid. 

Gun Sniper was first released in the NJR line along with it's own upgrade kit known as the CP-13 or "Wild Weasel". (The Wild Weasel unit was designed to enhance the fire-power and capabilities of the Gun Sniper. The Wild Weasel consisted of a powerful radar unit and two pods, each mounting two pairs of heavy beam cannons. Resulting in a Gun Sniper that is significantly more powerful with no loss of capabilities.) This was followed by the NAR or Hasbro release. Both units remained the same with only the packaging changing. In 2000 we were treated to the special release of the Anime accurate limited version of  Gun Sniper known as the "Red Sniper" or "Flugel / Naomi Sniper". This release came in a monotone red colored box, and is semi hard to locate. The final release of Gun Sniper was in 2003 when it made an appearance in the NER line.

Gun Sniper's build offers quite a bit of engineering packed into it's small frame. An absolute joy to build, and a great display piece this Zoid is not to be missed. The regular edition of Gun Sniper can be found for around $15.00-$21.00, the limited version will run upwards of $50.00.


With Wild Weasel CP-13 Equipped


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