Grounchar is an interesting little Zoid. The box deems him as an Echidna type. The name Echidna can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. In Greek Mythology it is the name of a creature and means "Sea Viper". She was a female monster spawned from a cave. More likely TOMY was referring Echidna a monotreme (egg laying) mammal that is armed with defensive spikes on it's back and relishes feasting on termites. Grounchar has a set of guns that are actually mounted backwards and has translucent red parts. A very interesting Zoid and worth adding to any collection. At the time of this writing they are getting a little hard to find, and I suspect they will eventually become as elusive as Glaive Quama. Pick this little one up if you get the chance. The build was fun, but the quality of the stickers that was included with my kit was very poor. They do not stand out from the background and make the kit look horrid. I used minimal stickers that actually stood out on mine, and actually peeled off the ones that were almost undistinguishable after they were applied. Grounchar comes with an extra pilot like figure that is aiming a bazooka, and a set of sandbags, and a small plate displaying the kits name.