Gordos is a Stegosaurus type Zoid built by the Republic. Inspired by the Giant ZRK and Mammoth, Gordos is consider an improvement on large scale Zoids. With focus on Gordos to be used as a mobile attack and command platform. Although not as heavily armored as the Gojulas, the Gordos had superior long range-capabilities. In addition to array of long range cannons including a 105mm High Speed Railgun, AMD Double Barrel 30mm Beam Cannon, TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun, ARZ 20mm Beam Gun, Two Panova 20mm SA Bean Guns, and a Maxer 30mm Multipurpose Machine Gun, Gordos is armed with four thagomizer spikes.

Amongst all of the weaponry, Gordos also was one of few Zoids at the time to procure a 3D Radar Array. The was one of the most powerful systems ever mounted on a Zoid and a large enhancement to communication systems. Gordos was deployed by the Republic alongside the Gojulas. Initially very effective, the Iron Kong would soon rein supreme. The Gordos held it's ground, and deployed in larger forces. Gordos soon became the Republic's main heavty combat Zoid for a long stretch of the war. 

A few years later in ZAC 2035, the Gordos would soon see the Republic Super Cannon set, which would greatly extend it's firepower. Although the Gordo that were left still remained in service they were gradually phased out by the smaller and more flexible Gorhecks. The meteor strike of ZAC 2056 destroyed the Gorhecks design along with the technology need to produce its radar. Resulting in the Republic resuming production of the Gordos once again, the Gordos became the Republics main heavy hitting / communication unit. Gordos became a staple of the new Republican army.

Gordos has made an appearance in many Zoids Anime. Beginning with Chaotic Century and Guardian Force, where an unmanned white Gordos with cyan colored canopy was introduced in episode 3. Left behind by it's crew, this Gordos faithfully protected the fortress it was estranged at. It would also fight to defend Van and Fiona from Irvine, and even freed Van who became trapped under rubble.  

A Gordo belonged to Captain Hermann, which he piloted at the battle of Red River and again when he was defending the new Republic.

A whole troop of Gordos that were defending a military base would battle Raven's Genosaur yet all of them were decimated with ease.

Gordos saw less action in Guardian Force, though a Golden Gordos with a magntic pole launcher would be piloted by some bandits, along with command wolves in the same color schemes. This Gordos would battle Van's Shield Liger and be destroyed with ease.

In New Century Zero the Gordos made a brief cameo as one of the Zoids Pilot Fighter Harry Champ had in his formidable collection.

In the Zoids UK Comic Gordos was known as "Great Gorgon" or simply "Gorgon" and was one of the lead Zoids of the Blue Zoid Army. Gorgon had been instrumental in the conquest of numerous planets, and after the fall of the Empire Gorgon joined the Blue Zoids Fighting off the Red Mutants. Gorgon's mindrider was killed when Heller and The Namer took control of his Zoid for their own. Gorgon served as a combination mobile base and transport for the stranded humans. Gorgon was also briefly used by Redhorn after the destruction of his own Zoid body.

The first actual model kit we received was the OJR Gordos in 1984. The kit was not overly complex with the majority of it's pieces being large and a lack of a large amount of small pieces makes the build straightforward and satisfying It's weapons frame is shared with Mammoth, Giant ZRK, and Gojulas. This first OJR version was molded in grey, drab green, and dull grey with grey weapons and an orange canopy 

Next we see Gordos as an OER release in 1985. This version was renamed to "Great Gorgon", and was re-colored  in grey and flat black with blue caps. This is the version which had the comic to match.

Gordos was then released as part of the Robostrux Line under the name of "Gordox". This unit was re-colored in  tan, dull red, and white with a green canopy and burgundy red caps. This version is very seldom seen as a complete unit.

In 1999 the Gordos was re-released in Japan as part of the NJR. This version had a light color scheme compared to the OJR version, and had grey pilots instead of gold.

Gordos was released as part of the Hasbro Release under the name "Gordosaur". Only one weight was included with the kit, which would remain the only change from the NJR line. Leftover Habsro kits were shipped to Australia and re-released.

Gordos was released in the UK as part of the NER in 2004, The Zoid was identical to the NAR version and may have been made up of leftover stock.

In 2004 Gordos got the Yuji Kaida treatment and was released as an official limited. Known as the "Cannoneer Gordos" The Zoid was re-colored in dull blue, light blue, and gold with red caps, additionally it came with three frames from the Republic Customize Set. Harder to come by, this set carries a price tag of approx. $150.00US

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