RPZ-19 God Kaiser

I have been searching for God Kaiser for some time. It is one of the harder to find OJR Grade Up Zoids. The blue, white and gold chrome color scheme really give it a classic 1980's Japanese robot feel. I could not find much on God Kaiser but what I did find points to the fact that the unit is a Republican Military Zoid. I believe it was almost like an exclusive law enforcement Zoid. Perhaps this is also what inspired it's color scheme, the old saying describing police as  "The Boys in Blue".

I did find a nice list of its weaponry that reads as follows:

 Electromagnetic Beam Gun
Thunder Saw
Three Connected CANON Beam Guns
Twin-Mount Shot Guns X2
Metal claw X2
Power Connector

God Kaiser is a smaller kit consisting of:

7 Sprues (including 1 joint + crown gear sprue)

6 Caps

1 Pilot

2 Stoppers

1 Shaft with Cranks

4 Gears

2 Shafts

3 Battery Contacts

1 Motor

1 Sticker Sheet

The build begins with placing the battery contacts and the motor into position.

The gears are then built.

The gears are then set into position in the gearbox. This is what I truly love about the grade up Zoids. The gear placement is very intricate and one error in the process can result in the unit functioning poorly, or not functioning at all. 

The actual grade up port is then installed.

Next the lever is placed. This acts as a contact switch allowing the two battery contacts to touch which complete the circuit and supplies power to the unit. Warning: This lever is fragile and tends to break with ease and/or over time with continual use. When purchasing God Kaiser always check the condition of this lever.

Next both the bottom and upper jaw take shape.

Next the tail piece is placed into position. Note how the switch sticks up.

Now it's time to start the external armor placement around the frame that was completed. It starts with the tail armer.

Next come the first chrome piece to be placed. It's the large head cannon that is secured in place with the two main halves of the main body armor. 

Next the arms are constructed. We see the second use of large chrome piece in this step.

The arm is then affixed to the unit. Note this is one of four visible caps on the entire unit, the rest are concealed by the armor. The other set of visible caps are those that are on the inside of each arm shown in the former picture.

Onto the legs which also include a nice large piece of chrome goodness.

The legs are then held onto the unit via two caps and the cover armor is placed over the caps.

Rinse and repeat for the other side. We are then ready to start placing the additional weapons. The first is the large rear facing cannon mounted over the grade up port.

Next come the pilot seat that also acts are the chrome eye pieces.

Two additional rear facing are then placed.

The tail is next.

Next the battery cover is fitted.

Last but not least the Grade Up Bars are placed.

The complete God Kaiser, an awesome unit. 

Final Thoughts: God Kaiser is an awesome Zoid. On my continuing quest to complete the Grade Up series I was very lucky that a good friend who was getting out of the hobby let me have the chance to own his unit. Thanks Serragengar! The build is very unique unlike anything else I have built. I truly wish Hasbro would have went through with it's re-release of God Kaiser in green named Cannon Ceasar. God Kaiser is smaller than I had anticipated, but the large amount of bigger chrome pieces more than make up for the size. A very unique Zoid that compliments any collection, God Kaiser is a must have!

Behind the Looking Glass:

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