Evil Pegasus

One of only two Alicorn's (mythical horse creatures sporting both wings and a single horn), Evil Pegasus was the re-release of the OJR classic "Orudios". Part of the Techno Zoids line, Evil Pegasus hit store shelves back in 1995 under Kenner via Tonka distribution. Evil Pegasus featured a dramatic color change where the former unit's white and blue color scheme was replaced by black and grey. This color change gave the Evil Pegasus a wickedly "royal" feel. With no factions in the Techno Zoid line, we can only assume that it's purpose could have been similar to it's predecessor, and Evil Pegasus was part of the antagonist army. Strangely Evil Pegasus is also one of only two Zoids with the actual title of "Evil", with the only other unit being the Evil Scorpion of the same line.

  Evil Pegasus is one of the largest flying Zoids that would ever be created, it's quick, capable, and very agile for it's size. Evil Pegasus is also very well equipped featuring a dual set of armor busting electromagnetic beam cannons, four missile pods, dual Accelerated Shock Cannons, and one Thunder Blade mounted directly on it's head. The Thunder Blade was used not only to ram, but to also impale any enemy unfortunate enough to meet this beast head on. It is said that the Thunder Horn is capable of penetrating even the thickest of Zoid armor. Evil Pegasus also had a vast array of impressive equipment including dual Active Radar, dual Cooling Radiators, seven High-maneuverability Boosters, four Metal Protectors, and Power Connector or Grade Up Port.

Evil Pegasus is one of the harder Techno Zoid kits to come across. I personally believe that initial sales did not go well due to the semi-high price point. Many Evil Pegasus could be found (highly discounted) on store shelves until 2000. Some information claims that Evil Pegasus was a commonly produced kit, yet I disagree due to several factors including but not limited to the high price point, frequency they actually do present, and the extra production time the kit took to properly chrome. Keep in mind this is purely speculation, and after approx. 4 years my attempts to locate actual Zoid production numbers remain futile.

Evil Pegasus is unlike any other build. It's uniquely satisfying when complete, and quite a "beautifully evil" sight to behold. The predominately black color scheme mixes well with blood red which is ultimately accented perfectly by the gold chrome. Evil Pegasus will make an excellent addition to any collection, many consider this piece a "Holy Grail" and a complete version can and will currently fetch up to $200-500.00 US. Build time is about medium length, and the stickers shown on the outside of the box do not come with the kit. An excellent display piece and addition to any collection do not miss the chance to add it to yours.

Below documents the original price point of the Evil Pegasus both at release and when discounted.


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