Snail Type
Guylos Empire


First released in 1983 as part of the OJR line, Malder also saw a release in the OER under the title of "Slime" in 1985. Malder also made an appearance in the Robostrux line and was dubbed "Slithor". The design seemed to have been forgotten about until its current Dark Zoid release in 2008.


 One of the first Zoids designed by the Zenebas Empire, Malder is heavily armored and slow. Designed to be a support unit, Malder conceals a variety of long range weapons. Playing upon the "looks can be deceiving" combat aspect, Malder looks to be a harmless unit until it reveals it's hidden fire power. As an earlier designed support type Zoid, Malder was replaced by newer versions which added both speed and short range attacks quickly making the unit obsolete. 


Crew: 2 (The unit can also be operated by a single pilot)

Weight: 34.6 Tons

Depth: 27.89 Feet

Height: 21.32 Feet

Max Speed: 74.56 mph

Weapons: Electromagnetic Beam Cannon, Beam Cannon, Tactical Missile Launcher

Equipment: Dual Laser Sensors

Build Summary:

Building Malder is absolutely an experience. The technical aspects of the build far surpass most toys of the time. The engineering that went into producing this piece is nothing short of amazing. For being one of the first designs, it still holds it's place as being one of the most advanced. I consider building this unit to be an integral part of Zoids history, and it's truly a must for any collector to experience.  I did not encounter any flaws, which is a feat with something so small containing so many special features. This is the first Malder I owned, as honestly I never really cared too much for the design. I can tell you that this is one of the most intriguing builds that is not to be missed. For the full build review direct your browser over here.


When completed Malder measures (approx.) : 


U.V. Pictures:

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