Dimetrodon "Two measures of teeth"  Type
Guylos Empire


 Gator was first released as part of the OJR line in 1983. Two years later, it's name was changed to "Spinefin" and it was released in Europe. It was then released in the US Robostrux line and was known as "Reptex". It failed to be released as either a Techno Zoid or a Zoids 2, which is a shame as it could have been interesting. In 1999 the model was released as part of the NJR line, this is where we see drastic changes in color as purple became the Zoids primary color. Here in the US we received our own version exactly like the NJR but with a different, and highly nonsensical name "Gatordus". Gator was then released, along with Molga, by TDP as part of the Zenebas Memorial Set. The best was saved for last however, and in March of 2008 we received the "Guylos Specification" or Dark version of Gator.


 Gator was not designed to be a close combat Zoid, nor was it designed to be a ranged combat Zoid. Gator was designed as a "communications" type of Zoid. It was Gator that was used to coordinate large groups of Zoids for attacks. The prominent fin on Gator 's back allowed it to communicate and scan areas. Gator also used the electronics within it's fine like a communications tower which allowed it to act as the aforementioned battle coordinator. Favoring information gathering and sending, Gator had no need for a huge arsenal and only has a single as well as small Gatling gun that was positioned just below the beginning of the spine. It also lacks any heavy armor. It is my theory that Zenebas also brought this design to Guylos as he did with Molga, and somehow Guylos decided it was a better communication station than what they had previously, or perhaps they lacked the concept of a non battle type of Zoid altogether. The Dark version of Gator would have improved on the lacking armor, and also made the unit quicker with its gathering and communication abilities.


Crew: 1

Weight: 19.90 Tons

Depth: 38.71 Feet

Height: 18.37 Feet

Max Speed: 124.27 mph

Weapons: 1 x Small-Bore Gatling Beam Cannon, Tail Cutter

Equipment: Global Positioning System  Magnetic Detector, Gator's cockpit can also detach and be used a separate exploration probe if necessary. 

Build Summary:

Building Gator is a fun process. The unique part of the build are the leg platforms that cross each other and are attached via a strut on each side. When wound up the unit walks forward. With the Dark Zoid version we are offered a multitude of color combinations due to the inclusion of a second set of legs, and a second set of inner body armor. The legs are featured in both Dark Zoid green as well as traditional gun metal grey, the inner body armor which resides on the same sprue are also offered in these two combinations. It's a nice change to see a small wind up offer a couple of different choices and in my opinion it greatly contributes to the build as well as the display possibilities. If you would like to see the entire process of building Dark Gator click here.


When completed Heldigunner / Demon Lizard measures approx:  3.25" tall x 3.25" wide x 6.50" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Gator illuminates very well. Seeing it with the green legs and green inner armor under the black light really sealed the deal on the color choice I made for this unit.

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