Dead Tiger DPZ-16-X
Tiger Type
Guylos Empire


Dead Tiger had no formal releases, and is a custom Zoid.


The Dead Tiger sometimes called "Gul Tiger MKII", is the improved version of the infamous Guylos Zoid Gul Tiger. Building the Dead Tiger was a top secret Guylos project. Known as "Project Black", Dead Tiger was built to vastly improve on the first design, and silently introduced during the canyon battle of God Cry. Using the new Deochalcum based Gul Tiger, Guylos was able to successfully hide in the vast canyon shadows and launch vicious surprise attacks on the Republic's forces. Dead Tiger has even more protection than the heavily armored standard unit, and it's also able to reach higher top speeds.  Keeping the Compact Charged Particle Cannon, and eliminating the tail mounted Beam Gun in favor of a Multi-Directional Missile Unit Dead Tiger was responsible for slaughtering Republican troops en mass.


Crew: 1

Weight: 75 Tons

Depth: 54.10 Feet

Height: 29.25 Feet

Max Speed: 175 mph

Weapons: 1 x Compact charged particle cannon, Vertically mounted all direction missile unit

Equipment: High-Precision Infra-Red Beam Laser Scanner

Build Summary:

Gul Tiger has always been one of my favorite Zoid designs as it does not follow the traditional style of Zoids. The only thing that could make it better in my eyes was a Dark Version. I started the build with doing some research on actual panthers. I did several mock ups and settled on a design. Taking into consideration the natural appearance of the Panther I noticed the rounded tail used for stabilization of the beast. It made sense to me that rather than having a tail that served as a weapon that the tail should be used for a more traditional function... balance. Being the only mid sized Zoid to actually carry a CPC I figured that in reality the unit would need all the balance it could get. I spend a few hours crafting the tail, and the rest of the build took shape. I liked the look of the vertically mounted CP-26, and when painted it made the perfect Dark Zoid secondary weapon. If you would like to see more of the build process please click here.


When completed Dark Cougar measures approx:  5.50" tall x 8.25" wide x 12.00" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Dead Tiger really shows like a Dark Zoid under the black light. The piece shows just as I had envisioned it.

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