Dark Horn DPZ-10
 Styracosaurus "Spiked Lizard" Type 
Guylos Empire


First released in 1989, the same year as Dead Border, Dark Horn has five releases. The OJR in 1989,  Pre-Release in 1998, The Limited Edtion in 2000, The Hasbro release in 2002, and finally the Fuzors/ TDP release in 2004. As with Dead Border, on the earlier releases the battery compartment was modified to fit one battery instead of two, as well as the closure mechanism went from clip to screw.  Other than the after mentioned minor modifications, the major variation of concern is the lack of the Hybrid Vulcan Gatling sprue. The Hasbro version is the most readily available, and is quickly becoming a scarce find (even today). 


The Dark Version of the infamous horn Zoid is said to be both faster and more heavily armored than an ordinary Red Horn. The Dark Horn is featured in the original battle story as being one of Guylos's primary defense forces, and was said to overpower many of it's opposing Zoids including but not limited to the Republic's heavily armed Gun Blusters. An interesting fact when compared to Red Horn, is that the Dark Horn unit did not compromise any speed in spite of it's heavier armor.


Crew: 3

Weight: 115 Tons

Depth: 68.24 Feet

Height: 44.29 Feet

Max Speed: 80.78 mph

Weapons:  1 x  Hybrid Vulcan Cannon on the earlier models, 1 x Beam Launcher,1 x Crasher Horn, 1 x 80 mm Surface to Air Double Barreled Beam Cannon, 1 x Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Linear Cannon, 1 x SSM-Pod, 2 x TEZ 20 mm Linear Laser Gun, 1 x AEZ 20 mm Beam Gun , 1 x  High Pressure concentrated Sulfuric Acid Powder Cannon

Equipment: 4 x All-Weather 3D Radar Antenna, Composite Sensor Unit, Infra-Red Laser Searcher


 The building of any Horn is an experience not to be missed by any active Zoider. I believe having at least one Horn is a vital part of any Zoids collection. Being one of the earlier, larger, Zoids models the Horn concept offers a look into the engineering of many of it's descendants.  The movement of the completed unit is true to life, and it's easy to imagine the heavily armored mechanical dinosaur stomping forward into battle with immense fire power. Any version of Horn is a worthy addition to any collection but in my opinion, Dark Horn tops them all. 


When completed, Dark Horn measures approx: 6" tall x 3.5" wide x 12" long.



U.V. Pictures:

The addition of UV light really brings out how these Zoids were meant to be viewed. Below are some pictures taken under a black light that really accentuates the glowing ability of Dark Horn. It's not as impressive as Dead Border, yet still looks wicked.


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