Dark Cougar
Griffin "Legendary Creature with a Lion Body and head and wings of an Eagle" Type
Guylos Empire


Dark Cougar Jaw had no formal releases, and is a custom Zoid.


 Battle Cougar was a standard Aerial Republic Zoid. Plans for the Battle Cougar were brought to Guylos by Zenebas when he fled to the Dark Continent. Guylos, seeing the potential of the unit, redesigned the Battle Cougar using available Deochalcum to enhance it's features. The Dark Version of the Battle Cougar titled "Dark Cougar" also makes use of a Large Bore Particle Beam Cannon. Two hoses feed energy into the central energy conversion unit to power the Particle Beam Cannon. The third hose sends the converted energy directly to the Particle Beam Cannon. The system maintains optimum operating temperatures by making use of a cooling fan located directly behind the energy conversion unit. Due to the complexity of production and the large amounts of Deochalcum needed to power the unit, there were very few Dark Cougars produced. When compared to the Republic Standard Battle Cougar, Dark Cougar is faster and the use of Deochalcum resulted in more effective armor protection and faster operation speeds.


Crew: 1

Weight: 60.1 Tons

Depth: 68.90 Feet

Height: 31.12 Feet

Max Speed: Mach 4.0 (airborn)150.25 mph (land)

Weapons: 1 x Large bore Particle Beam Cannon,  2 x  200mm Wave Cannons, 2 x 105mm Cannons, 2 x 40mm Beam Repeater Cannons.

Equipment: Heat dispersing Particle Beam Cannon Shield, Particle Beam vent management system, Intake energy converting hoses, Central mounted energy conversion unit.

Build Summary:

At first I never really liked the Battle Cougar design. I gave it some time, and it grew on me. I had a few extra sets and decided to customize one of them. I knew I wanted hoses and locating them became a side quest in itself. I ended up ordering some pneumatic LEGO hoses, and they fit perfectly. I also liked the idea of the hoses actually having a clear purpose, and incorporated them as a means to carry energy to power a large, central cannon. To add realism to such a large Cannon on a mid sized Zoid I added a heat shield and used the base it was mounted on as an "energy converter unit", the base also was elongated to reduce the recoil of firing the cannon. The black and grey was all finished via airbrush, and the green Dark Zoid bits were hand painted. I used a mixture of left over stickers to tie everything together, and was happy with the results. If you like to see more of the actual build process with additional pictures please click here.


When completed Dark Cougar measures approx:  5.50" tall x 8.25" wide x 12.00" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Dark Cougar is an absolute beauty under the black light. When I first took a glimpse I was amazed, and the green bits that illuminated looked almost like clusters of stars in a dark sky.

On the picture below, I moved the camera mid way through the shot (accidentally). Notice the glowing tracers, almost as if the unit is motion.

Same shot, steady hand.

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