I enjoyed very few drinks in high school, yet when I came of age I began to indulge. My poison of choice was a couple shots of Jack Daniels followed by a slew of beer. Over a period of about two years I found myself drinking on a regular basis, and it had became something I would look forward to. As this habit quickly grew so did the money spent.

Drinking the equivalent of about $20.00 a day, and with my first child on the way I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. Slowly but surely I began to wean myself off the bottle. I began to store the money I would have spent on the days booze in a small tin. As time progressed the tin evolved into a gallon jar.

I felt that I needed a physical representation as a constant reminder of my accomplishment. It was during this time period that I saw a wayward Zoid sitting upon a shelf in the clearance isle of a toy store. Memories of my childhood rushed back into my mind, and with a smile I put it into the cart. I had found something meaningful, something tangible that would remind me of my victorious battle with Mr. Daniels.

That lone Zoid now sits amongst a couple hundred others. To me Zoids are more than just mere collectibles. Not only do they fill that "nostalgic need", but  I firmly believe they gave me something to look forward to. To this day I still look forward to receiving a new Zoid, and truly know that Zoids played a part in saving my life.

Submitted by S.T. via email.

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