So after getting back to the new house and cutting my dreads off (long story) I came across one of the coolest pair of sunglasses I had ever owned. I thought these were long gone, and it turns up that they were hiding in storage for a few years. These are a pair of Black Flies known officially as "Damian Flies III". Back in High School these were the brand of shades I sported. I always enjoyed the esoteric "Black Fly" vibe as opposed to the stuffy "Oakley" type vibe.  Originally these were modeled after insect appendages and the third evolution really enticed me into buying a pair which I wore 7 days a week until my dreads started to get tangled up in the hoses.

The truly intriguing thing about these are the hoses that mimic Zoid hoses perfectly. Also, the talons on each lend a distinctly reptilian feel. 

The re-discovery of these babies gave me a vision. A vision to create authentic looking Dark Zoid themed sunglasses. So I had some time (which is very rare of late) to "darth" these into true DPZ eye wear. With some paint and some Dark Zoid stickers I made a mini project of creating them them.

I used some custom Dark Zoid Green and Gun Metal paint that I had mixed up. I also used some spectra chrome on the sides. The project came out as expected and I am happy with the results.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2009 -WIKD