EZ-019 Double Sworder   

Double Sworder EZ-019 was one of the last few kits I needed to complete the NJR line. I had somewhat of a hard time locating this one. I wanted to do a small insect review and with recently acquiring this piece it provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so. Lets take a look at this Stag Beetle.

Double Sworder consists of:

6 sprues (1 of which is an orange "holotech" flavor)

1 motor

8 caps

2 pilots

1 sticker sheet

1 instruction manual

The build begins with mounting 4 legs to the motor unit.

Next the remaining two legs are connected to the under mount on the lower portion of the abdomen via 4 caps.

Next the motor (with legs) is placed into the the lower abdomen, and the two legs that were placed in the second step are secured with a small bar and 2 caps.

Next the incredibly large mandibles are positioned.

Next, work begins on the wings and the wing mount box which allows them to extend.

The holotech wings are a nice touch that actually add a large amount of character to the piece.

The assembled wing box and smaller gun port are then positioned.

With the wing box and gun port in place, it is now time to affix the shell and carapace.

Next, 2 hoses and the canopy are placed.

A total of 4 guns are mounted, and 2 pilots are seated.

All that remains is to sticker the unit.

The sticker process is nice as the kit comes with all the stickers displayed on the box, and plenty extra to add to the extra sticker box. This is a nice kit, and I'm personally not too into the insect Zoids. The movement is very realistic, and the holotech pieces add to the aesthetics of this piece. Give it a buy and add one to your collection.


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