I would like to take a moment to take a look at the Degenki Hobby magazine Zoid Blox releases. To date we were given three distinct Zoids that come in the form of a Raptor, a Stag Beetle, and a Hornet. While simple in construction they remain a very important part of the hobby and grace the shelves of most prominent collectors. These are cheap to pick up, and do display well amongst their "full-size" counterparts.

The Degenki Hobby releases have their own designation as "BZD". The first of the series we were present with was BZD-001 or Blitz Hornet. This is a simple kit consisting of one sprue (pilot is on sprue), and one blox.

With construction taking just under a couple of minutes the end result is a mechanical hornet with a pilot controlling the unit from a laying position.

We were then treated to BZD-002 or Blitz Hakken a Velociraptor. Blitz Hakken consists of one sprue (with a few more piece present than its predecessor) one pilot, and one Blox. Again, construction is simple and the result is nice.

Last, but not least we have Blitz Sworder BZD-003, a Stag Beetle. Parts come in a back along with one crystal blox and a pilot. The molding is excellent on this one. Construction is simple, and the end results are nice.

Obtaining the Blitz Zoids isn't a hard task, and is more like a "sub-quest" for any serious collector.

Pick them up as they make an interesting addition to any collection as well as mark a period in Zoids history in which they were honored by one of the hobbies largest magazines.

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